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Owlchemy Labs Teases New Multiplayer Vr Game At Gamescom

Owlchemy Labs Teases Multiplayer Vr Game At Gamescom

Owlchemy Labs Teases Multiplayer Vr Game At Gamescom

Owlchemy Labs, the creators of Cosmonious High, is hard at work on their next VR title, which will be the first to include multiplayer and primarily rely on hand-tracking.

After the exciting alien school experience that was Cosmonious High, one might expect Owlchemy Labs to sit back and enjoy the benefits of their labor. Nope. It moves the seeds of those fruits to plant new trees in a new game.

Opening Night Live 2022, hosted by Geoff Keighley, officially started off Gamescom 2022 this week, and Owlchemy Labs was a part of it. It was here that the VR studio previewed its next project, a multiplayer game with a focus on hand-tracking.

Among the several reveals at Opening Night Live on August 23, 2022, Owlchemy Labs teased their future game. Geoff Keighley and Owlchemy Labs treated us to a teaser for the latter’s next project at this event.

It’s a brief teaser, but there’s an obvious connection between a group of VR players and interactions that include using your hands rather than the Meta Quest 2’s controls to interact with the game. It also appears that the game will be food or edible-themed.

Gamescom Teaser Announcement (Owlchemy Labs)

Owlchemy Labs has been on a roll in the virtual reality field. The Austin-based firm has released a variety of increasingly difficult and delightful virtual reality titles across multiple platforms, most recently the bright and fun Cosmonious High.

Owlchemy appears to up its development game with each successive game, expanding on what it intends to accomplish in the virtual environment. Keeping this in mind, it appears like the upcoming Owlchemy game will investigate hand-tracking capabilities on various VR platforms and investigate how they may be employed in a game.

Whereas previous Owlchemy Labs were entirely single-player, this will be the first to include a multiplayer or, at the very least, social experience. We still don’t know what Owlchemy has up its sleeve, but it’s nice to know the team is working on something entertaining and interesting.

Owlchemy Labs Teases Multiplayer Vr Game At Gamescom

Keep an eye out for further information and reveals on Owlchemy Labs’ upcoming game as they become available, and be sure to check out more Opening Night Live 2022 reveals.

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