Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Event is Unique!

Overwatch 2 Battle: The large fan base of the Overwatch series has flocked to the sequel, Overwatch 2, thanks to its free-to-play structure and dedication to delivering post-launch content.

Unique in-game events can provide players with a fresh take on the game, complementing the seasonal battle passes that add new characters and maps.

Limited-time events like the current Winter Event have been added to Overwatch 2, but the upcoming Battle for Olympus event seems to be something altogether different.

Battle for Olympus mode appears to set a serious precedent in terms of the variety in gameplay that future events will have to develop by endowing preexisting heroes with new destructive abilities.

Overwatch 2 Battle
Overwatch 2 Battle

Criticisms of Other Features in Overwatch 2

One of the most common complaints about Overwatch 2 is that it is too similar to the original game. This is because the new sequel shares many of the same gameplay elements, areas, and characters as the original.

In light of this, players have placed a high priority on Overwatch 2’s post-launch content, hoping for things like time-limited in-game events that would introduce radical new twists to the series’ signature gameplay mechanics.

Given this, it’s not surprising that recent events like Overwatch 2’s Winter Event have been met with criticism.

For instance, the Winter Event just added a new cosmetic for the support hero Brigitte to the game and featured various restricted game styles that have previously existed in Overwatch.

Since the Battle for Olympus event occurred so soon after the Winter Event ended, it has been tasked with making up for a lot of lost ground in the game’s post-launch content.

The Battle for Olympus, an event in Overwatch 2

From January 5-19, Overwatch 2 will host its Battle for Olympus event, a temporary free-for-all PvP mode with desirable rewards.

Overwatch 2’s second seasonal battle pass, aptly titled “Battle for Olympus,” features a Greek mythology-themed event in which seven of the game’s playable heroes are drastically reworked and given abilities inspired by various Greek deities.

Once everyone has chosen their hero, the combat begins. Players can earn voice lines and titles for each hero associated with the event by completing specific challenges, and by completing six challenges they can earn the Winged Victory skin for the support hero Mercy.

There’s also a competition to see which hero can rack up the most kills across all servers, with the winner getting a statue in the classic Greek city of Illios.

The new Battle for Olympus event is clearly elaborate, with a lot of effort put into giving the selected heroes brand-new powers to match the aesthetic and lore behind their new looks.

Since the entire event takes place in a brand new game mode, Battle for Olympus also establishes a new standard for the game that exceeds even the Winter Event.

Blizzard appears to be taking a fresh approach with Overwatch 2’s post-launch content, one that emphasizes player feedback, and one that we can only hope will be maintained for the duration of the game’s lifespan.

As of this writing, Overwatch 2 may be purchased for the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox One S.

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