OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android Updates: Which Phones May Be Able to Use It?

OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android: The latest version always seems to be just one over-the-air update away in the world of Android, where software upgrades are king.

OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android? The equivalent would be another Android OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android Updatespgrade. To compete with Google’s current offering of only three years for its Pixel phones, OnePlus has announced that it will begin providing an additional year of OxygenOS updates beginning in 2019.

At an event in London, the company made the announcement and also shared that the global rollout of Oxygen OS 13.1 will begin in the first half of 2023. Spatial Audio, developed by Google, is one of the new features in the operating system, along with two new always-on display alternatives, one of which was developed in collaboration with Spotify to provide a music-based AOD screensaver.

There’s also a new “anamorphic” style in OxygenOS 13.1, which has little in do with Google’s Material You but can be seen across OnePlus’ take on Android. In order to get a feel for the new user interface, OnePlus has included a walkthrough section on its website.

Gary Chen, OnePlus’s head of software products, has said that the company’s fans have a significant impact on OxygenOS. “As a customer-focused business, we always look for ways to improve the user experience. We’d like to be able to provide that option, as people are retaining their gadgets for longer.

OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android Updates
OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android Updates

OnePlus has been vague about which of its 2017 smartphone models will receive all four major Android OS updates. Its most recent phones, the OnePlus 10T and 10 Pro, both boasted guarantees of three years’ worth of software updates. In particular, the Nord line of OnePlus’s more affordable smartphones has only been promised two OS updates. Security updates are provided for three years for all phones.

For its Pixel smartphones, Google continues to declare in its support documentation that it delivers up to three years of software updates and up to five years of security upgrades, which should help keep customers on older devices patched as hardware ages and goes awry.

When it comes to software updates, Samsung, the market leader in Android sales in the United States, guarantees four years for its flagship portfolio and five years for its most popular mid-tier handsets.

The fact that another Android maker is betting on a product’s durability is welcome news. In the past, you were only guaranteed two years’ worth of upgrades, leaving those who bought a used gadget to save money in the dust in terms of software support after the warranty expired.

Keep in mind that even if a company assures you it won’t abandon you, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get every new version of Android on schedule.

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Typically, the newest Pixel devices receive Google’s software updates first, followed by older models. After that, it’s up to the other original equipment manufacturers to refine Android 8.0 Oreo in their own ways; OnePlus has OxygenOS, while Samsung has One UI.

Until Google extends support for the Pixel by another year, OnePlus can finally claim victory. It also encourages more people to think about purchasing a OnePlus smartphone, which puts pressure on competitors to provide similar levels of service for their products.

OnePlus to Offer 4 Years of Android Final Words 

The consumer electronics company OnePlus recently announced that beginning in 2023, it would provide four years of Android system updates for some products. Additionally, for the next five years, these particular devices will receive security updates.