One Piece Odyssey Release Date Announced and Will Available on Multiple Platforms!

One Piece Odyssey Release Date: There was a time when One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and Bleach were considered the “big four” of Japanese animation and manga. Besides being extremely well-liked, they’re also well-known for having lasting power and staying in operation for many years, if not decades.

Only two of the four are still going strong today, though Dragon Ball Super has persisted even after the death of its original creator. One Piece is the longest-running and most popular manga and anime series of all time, and it recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The newest installment in the One Piece canon, One Piece Odyssey, was announced in May and will have its world premiere at Summer Game Fest 2022. With series creator Eiichiro Oda heavily involved in the game’s direction, it promises to be the most faithful game to the series yet.

We’ve compiled everything we know about One Piece Odyssey, so whether you’re a seasoned member of the Straw Hat crew or just getting your feet wet in the world of super-human pirates, you’ll be prepared.

One Piece Odyssey Release Date
One Piece Odyssey Release Date

One Piece Odyssey Release Date

On January 13, 2023, you can purchase One Piece Odyssey. You’ll be able to get it on PS4, PS5, Xbox One S, and PC (via Steam) soon. Further, on January 10, 2023, players can try out a demo. This demo can be played on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, S, and X consoles.

No word yet on whether or not a PC version of this demo will be made available. Those who try the demo can take their progress into the full release. We have an article detailing the demo’s contents if you’re interested.

One Piece Odyssey Gameplay

The turn-based role-playing game One Piece Odyssey primarily focuses on discovering new areas and completing quests. As the Straw Hat crew members travel the world, players can switch between them at will.

However, there are times when players will need to use specific characters, as each crew member has a particular field action that can be used to accomplish specific goals. In addition to the main plot, players can explore a variety of optional side quests.

All members of the Straw Hat crew will get their moment in the spotlight as you progress through these side stories, which call for the use of all of their abilities and field actions. Gain power for your Straw Hat crew as you progress through the game’s main story and side quests and increase their levels.

In this game, battles are straightforward. Throughout the playing field are enemies that can be engaged in combat simply by drawing near. Due to the game’s use of command battles, all of the standard role-playing game commands, such as attacking, using skills, equipping items, and switching characters, are all accessible.

Power, speed, and technique are the three distinct modes of combat in the game. Characters with a type advantage do more damage, while those with a type disadvantage take less. Scramble Area battles, in which players’ characters are dispersed across the battlefield and must fight for their safety, are also included.

Combat abilities for each character are as distinct as their field actions. Some of these abilities inflict Status Effects on targets, while others deal massive damage. Last but not least, “Dramatic Scenes” are random battles that center on particular characters. Assuming certain conditions are met, that character will receive bonus experience points after the war.

One Piece Odyssey Platforms

All modern and many older consoles will get the One Piece Odyssey. System requirements are the same for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. No Xbox One or Nintendo Switch versions have been announced yet, which is surprising in the case of Xbox, given that it will be released on PS4.

One Piece Odyssey Trailer

Beginning with a shot of the iconic Straw Hat ship half-sunk on the beach of an island, the announcement trailer reveals the film’s plot. The beach is strewn with strange, colorful, naive-looking creatures and some caves and temple-like structures.

Finally, we glimpse Luffy and his gang as they adventure across the island, climbing, searching for treasure, and more. There’s a fantastic montage showing the crew members’ best special moves in battle. The teaser ends with an unidentified person walking up to where Luffy left his hat in the sand.

One Piece Odyssey Multiplayer

The number of players listed on the box for One Piece Odyssey indicates that it will be a single-player experience. This is one pirate adventure where your crew won’t be able to join you.

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