Nothing Phone: First Non-pixel With Google Personal Safety App and No Accident Detection

Nothing Phone: The Nothing Phone (1) is the first non-Pixel Android handset to receive Google’s suite of Personal Safety capabilities as part of its beta update to Android 13. Carl Pei’s Nothing has released the first public beta of Android 13 for the Phone (1).

Our team is working hard to highlight the company’s extensive patch notes and some unlisted changes in the Nothing OS 1.5 beta. In the next several days, you should look for that. One major update introduced in Nothing OS 1.5 for the Phone (1) is access to Google’s Personal Safety app via the Settings app’s Safety and Emergency menu.

With the release of the Pixel, Google introduced a new app called Personal Safety. For quite some time, Google has been promoting the Personal Safety features of the Pixel series, especially the ability to detect automobile collisions.

Nothing Phone
Nothing Phone

However, we broke the news earlier this year that Google was planning to bring Personal Safety’s lifesaving capabilities, such as accident detection, to more Android phones. After nearly six months of waiting, Google‘s safety app is finally available for the Nothing Phone (1).

Customers of Nothing now have access to a significant portion of the basic Personal Safety experience. You may stay up-to-date on any local emergencies using crisis alerts, and resources like medical records and group chats can be used to prepare for the worst.

However, the Nothing Phone (1) lacks one key area of personal safety: the ability to detect an automobile crash. It’s frustrating, to say the least, and it’s unclear if things will improve before Android 13 and Nothing OS 1.5 on the Phone (1) are fully released.

We at APK Insight have done some digging, and it appears that phone makers are the ones who will decide if their product is compatible with the Personal Safety app. Installing the app on an incompatible Android device will not result in a functional app (if at all).

On a related topic, my colleague Damien Wilde has pointed out that the Nothing Phone (1)’s latest beta update supports many previously available features only on the Pixel.

If you’re an Android gamer on the Phone (1), you can now use the “Game Dashboard,” which includes a frame-per-second counter, a Do Not Disturb switch, screen recording capabilities, the ability to stream your gameplay live on YouTube, and more.

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