Microsoft Appears to Be Introducing Tabs to the Notepad App in Windows 11

Notepad App in Windows 11: This year, after years of requests from Insiders, Microsoft implemented tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11. Just like a web browser allows you to view numerous web pages in separate tabs, this functionality allows you to open multiple folders and directories in separate tabs within the same window.

Since Windows 11’s File Explorer already supports tabs, it seems likely that Microsoft will implement the same functionality in at least one more core program. A new tabs interface has been added to Notepad, as shown in a leaked screenshot of the app’s internal version.

Notepad App in Windows 11
Notepad App in Windows 11

A Microsoft employee noticed the screenshot in a now-deleted tweet that mentioned the tabs feature as being brand new. Confidential notice: “Don’t discuss features or take screenshots,” as shown in a snapshot of a version of Notepad.

The tabs appear along the top of the software, just like in File Explorer (and most other apps with tabs, for that matter), and permit the user to open multiple.txt files in the same window.

In the preview, this updated version of Notepad for Windows Insiders is anticipated to be announced in the following weeks if development proceeds as planned. The feature will be released at some time in the future.

We can only hope that this portends the formal release of the new Notepad app shortly, perhaps in tandem with the next Windows 11 Moment update. Tabs are a welcome addition for advanced users of Notepad. The question now is which Microsoft software will receive tabs next.

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