Norwich City young striker Adam Ayda going to Doncaster Rovers for rent? | Norwich City News

PUBLISHED: 14:01 December 31, 2019 | UPDATED: 2:01 p.m. December 31, 2019

Adam Ayda made his debut in senior Norwich City in the loss of the Carabao Cup in Crowley in August
Picture: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Can the young Norwich City striker Adam Idah lease into the First League? Some Doncaster Rovers supporters think so, trying to unravel the mystery of the transition window in early January.

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This follows from the Doncaster Free Press report, which states that the loan deal for the “high-rated young striker” was “agreed” in principle with the Premier League club, which could be completed in the early days of the “window”.

The report said that this mysterious player could be signed on time to oppose Shrewsbury on January 7 with a window that opens on New Year’s.

After a little detective work, some Rovers fans think they narrowed it down to the Canary Islands star Adam Ayd, who has been prolific for the club at academic levels since signing in the summer of 2017, as well as at various youth levels for the Republic. Ireland

The search was triggered by the message that the senior player, who was on the sidelines of the Doncaster squad, had to leave after the nominal fee was agreed with the club of the second league.

Adam Ayda from #NCFC also meets all the requirements – one “senior appearance” and not “league appearance” can be a giveaway because he played in the EFL Cup & Parrott in the PL & EFL Cup.

And I believe that in the summer he was close to a L1 loan.

In any case, nothing like transmitting a program!

– Not Top 20 Pod (@ NTT20Pod) December 30, 2019

A good scream here from @ NTT20Pod – it could be Parrott, but it could also be Adam Ayda, also a prolific youth in Ireland and a tall, physically young player. #DRFC

– to an empty network (@DRFC_ITEN) December 30, 2019

Then he continued: “His place in the team will be taken by the Premier League borrower, who has excellent records in his club at the age group level. He appeared at a senior level and was an unused substitute in high flight for several cases.

“The teenager also regularly scored at the age group level for his national team.”

Although some proponents initially thought it might be Tottenham’s Irish striker Troy Parrott, it has since been noted that Ida more closely matches the description.

The 18-year-old footballer made his debut in August when he lost in shock with a 1-0 away match with Crowley’s second league in the second round of the Carabao Cup, and subsequently became an unused substitute for three Premier League matches.

I think this is likely to be a boy from Norwich, Adam Ayda, his name is

– Jake (@Jake_laughton) December 30, 2019

Parrot has 2 appearances. More like Adam Id in Norwich, who would be better suited for a league 1 loan.

– Niall O’Rourke (@ Nialler2011) December 30, 2019

Ayda scored five goals in 11 games for the Irish national team under 21, helping his age group get closer to qualifying for the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, regularly scoring in younger age groups.

Cork native signed a new contract this summer, he took part in the City until 2023 and scored once in six games at the level of up to 23 years, since he spent most of his time as part of the first command staff.

Last season, he scored 13 in 23 games at the U23 level and 15 goals in 23 matches for the U18 during 2017-18, helping the City reach the quarter finals of the England Youth Cup.

Doncaster currently ranks 16th in the first league under the leadership of former West Bromma boss Moore, seven points more than in the relegation zone, and winger Kieran Sadler has become the top scorer in eight league goals.

Norwich City head coach Daniel Fark urged Adam Id not to lose heart after a difficult debut at Crowley Photo: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images

It is believed that the Canary Islands seeks to get Idah some senior experience in the second half of the season, with the hope that it will be more active next season, with star striker Teemu Pukki, by far the best choice for head coach Daniel Farke.

This, however, would leave Switzerland striker Josip Drmich and Dennis Srbeni as a patron for Pukka, when Drmik closes after a two-month return due to a hamstring injury, and Srbeni’s main experience is at lower levels in Germany.

Canary Islands have been associated with strikers outside the window, including Scotland International Lawrence Shankland Dundee United Renault Emond Standard Liege and Lyle Taylor Charlton Athletic, while the potential return of a Jordan Rhodes loan from Sheffield Wensday is never too far from a mention.

Were Donnie fans who settled on Idea successful in their search?

Ida scored twice in the pre-season match for City, as in a friendly 4-1 victory over Bonner from the fourth echelon, and although his debut at Crowley was a pretty unforgettable night – with a decisive shot on goal he shot down – the fast striker obviously has a physique to begin his senior progress and played a major role in the national team of Ireland until the age of 21, having received rave reviews.