Norwich City fans may turn back during Crystal Palace to protest VAR | Norwich City Football Club News

PUBLISHED: 17:00 December 31, 2019 | UPDATED: 17:00 December 31, 2019

Norwegian Teemu Pukki in action during the Premier League match at Carrow Road, Norwich. Photo by Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267 12/28/2019

Paul Chesterton

Calls are rising for Norwich City supporters to protest over the use of the VDP, after Pukka’s “target” against Tottenham was arguably denied an offside position.

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A heated argument by VAR that ruled Teemi Pukki offside goal. Picture: Sky Sports

Finn put the ball into the Spurs net during a Saturday clash on Carrow Road, only so that the assistant referee could rule it out – just a millimeter.

Supporters and experts were unanimous in their condemnation of the decision – the last in a series of VAR disputes over offside decisions.

Fans Along Came Norwich and Barclay End Norwich were among those who expressed their dissatisfaction with the game, which ended in a draw with a score of 2: 2.

A banner with the inscription “VAR is clearly and obviously not working. Solution: put it in the basket. “

Teemu Pukki from Norwich scores, but the “goal” is prohibited offside. Assistant referee Chris Cavana during the Premier League match at Carrow Road, Norwich
Photo by Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd +44 7904 640267

Along with this, Norwich said they would support the club’s call for coordinated protests against the use of VAR, while Barclay End Norwich tweeted, “Stop spoiling live football.”

In a letter to the National Association of Football Fans, Canaries’ Trust chairman Robin Sainty said fans need to be united to “get rid of this nonsense.”

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While supporters are working on a future coordinated demonstration, they decided not to stage an official protest during the New Year’s Premier League game against Crystal Palace on Carrow Road.

Teemu Pukki put the ball in the net, but VAR officials scored it offside. Picture: Paul Chesterton / Focus Images Ltd

But there may still be an unofficial demonstration.

Mr. Sainty said: “We talked with the groups, and there was a feeling that there was too little time to organize an official event for the Palace. We all want to work together to make a big impact. ”

But there were suggestions that supporters might turn away in the 22nd minute – in recognition of the number on the Pukka T-shirt.

Mr. Sainti said: “I believe that feelings are heating up at the moment, and I think that we could see a spontaneous protest at the match at the Palace, so it will be interesting to see what happens.”

“I definitely would not mind people doing something to send a little message before the more coordinated protests that may happen later.”

We asked the Premier League questions about the decision, but they did not give any official answers.

Its website says that using VAR in offside decisions is “an actual challenge based on evidence from a fully calibrated offside”.

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