Nokia Streaming Box 8010 with a New Arm Chipset is now available for €129 ($135)

Nokia Streaming Box 8010: The Nokia Streaming Box 8010, powered by an updated ARM chipset, was recently introduced by StreamView. The design of the Streaming Box 8010 is almost identical to that of the Streaming Box 8000. It utilises the latest iteration of Android TV witNokia Streaming Box 8010h an improved ARM chipset.

There are four ARM Cortex-A55 cores in the Amlogic S905X4-K chipset, and the graphics processing unit (GPU) is a Mali-G31 MP2. The new streaming device outperforms the older 8000 model and has more storage space. Storage space is increased by a factor of four, while RAM is double what it was in the 7000.

The new product is at the pinnacle of its class thanks to the ARM chipset update. Memory on the Nokia Streaming Box 8010 is 4 GB, and there’s 32 GB of internal storage space. That way, you can take use of Android TV 11’s vast library of apps. The Streaming Box 8010 supports the output of 4K videos at 60 frames per second. It does, however, require use with a suitable display device.

The Nokia Streaming Box 8010 is compatible with Dolby Atmos and offers wireless streaming over Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6. The Streaming Box 8110 has support for HDMI as well as USB Types A and C. The StreamingView streaming box also featured an Analog AV input.

Nokia Streaming Box 8010

Nokia Streaming Box 8010
Nokia Streaming Box 8010

Even now, you can purchase a StreamView 8000 for about €70 ($73), but the 8010 will set you back €129 ($135). StreamView is the sole place to purchase either streaming device.

Final Words

Nokia’s Streaming Box 8010 comes equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. To give you access to the vast library of apps that come preloaded on Android TV 11. The Streaming Box 8010 supports the output of 4K videos at 60 frames per second. A TV or monitor that is suitable for it is required, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nokia streaming box?

Android TV 11TM is the operating system, and it has over 7,000 apps for video, music, games, and more. Streaming platforms* that work include Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, and many more. Watch, play, and do more on the TV you already own with applications and games from Google Play.

What is a Nokia media streamer?

The Nokia Media Streamer’s Quad-core processor and Mali GPU make for rapid streaming thanks to Android 9.0 and dual-band WiFi support. It’s easy to find out what’s playing right now, switch stations, set a recording, launch apps, and more by simply asking Google. Package Deal in Marketing Terms.

What is the price of the Nokia media streamer?

Nokia Chromecast-enabled media streamer (black) for Rs 2300 (one) in New Delhi (Item #25467387462).

Is Nokia Media Streamer 4k?

Let me briefly describe the features that make the Nokia Media Streamer unique. Using Android TV 9.0, the Nokia Media Streamer can handle resolutions up to 1920×1080 (HDR) at 60 frames per second.

Is Nokia TV worth buying?

Nokia TVs are likely to succeed in India because of the high regard in which the Nokia name is held and the low prices at which they can be purchased. If you’re looking for a new TV but have a limited budget (about $40,000), we think you should get this one because we believe Nokia lives up to its name.

Is there a monthly fee for the Android box?

Customers hook up the pre-loaded box to their TV and watch commercial-free content. There is no ongoing commitment beyond the one-time expense of the hardware. Both traditional cable providers and online video streaming businesses may feel threatened by this technology.

Do I need a media streamer?

When using a smart TV, is a separate streaming device necessary? Irrefutably, and I’ll explain why. Despite the seeming usefulness of a smart user interface, you’d be better off using a dongle for streaming rather than buying a TV that supports it. By 2022, smart televisions will be universally expected in homes.