Nintendo Acquires Animation Studio Dynamo Pictures

According to official investor documents, Nintendo has agreed to buy the entire stock of Dynamo Pictures, Inc., a Japanese producer of visual material. The business will change its name to “Nintendo Pictures Co., Ltd.” after acquiring full ownership of the subsidiary, and it will “concentrate on the development of visual material leveraging Nintendo IP.”

The goal of the acquisition, according to the paper, is to “strengthen the planning and production structure of visual material within the Nintendo group.” The agreement is anticipated to have little effect on Nintendo’s fiscal year and is scheduled to be finalized in October 2022.

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For thirty years, Dynamo Pictures has been a leader in the field of computer-generated animation. They operate in a wide range of fields, including video games, TV shows, movies, and VR material for theme parks. They have worked on CG for Resident Evil spinoff VR games as well as motion capture for games like Death Stranding, Monster Hunter World, and NieR Replicant in the gaming industry.

It is unclear what Nintendo hopes to achieve with this business and its set of tools. In the end, phrases like “visual content” are rather all-encompassing. The visuals in their games or a brand-new division of their business that will create conventional, non-interactive visual entertainment like TV episodes or movies could be what they are alluding to.

The English voice cast for the upcoming Mario movie was first made public by Nintendo at a Nintendo Direct back in September 2021. There were also some well-known actors who undoubtedly cost a lot of money to hire, like Chris Pratt, Seth Rogen, and Jack Black. Nintendo hasn’t experimented much in making adaptations of their renowned IP over the last few decades, but this upcoming film might be an indication that they are shifting their viewpoint.

Illumination, the animation company best known for the Minions, has collaborated on the Mario movie, which is scheduled for release around the holiday season of 2022. It is obvious that Nintendo required a studio with extensive knowledge of the animated film business for a project of this magnitude. The ability to complete smaller projects independently if wanted would be made possible by having an internal CG studio. Given that the word “pictures” sometimes refers to “motion pictures,” a different name for the film, Nintendo Pictures’ naming scheme does mirror that of TV and film companies.

The acquisition will only have “a minimal effect” on Nintendo’s fiscal year, according to the document, it’s important to note. This could imply that the company’s inclusion will generally have a little financial impact or that whatever Nintendo Pictures works on will only be fruitful after March 2023, which is when Nintendo’s fiscal year ends.

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