New Xbox Game Pass Game Increases 500k Players After Release

This week saw the release of the first batch of games included in the Xbox Game Pass for the month of October, and subscribers have already brought in a large number of new players for at least one of those games.

This week, Torn Banner Studios confirmed that the medieval multiplayer game Chivalry 2 had gained over 500,000 new players since it was made available on Xbox Game Pass. This is great news for the game’s community, as a cross-platform play between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC is a major selling point.

Amid this week’s massive influx of Chivalry 2 players, Torn Banner tweeted its excitement at “welcoming so many new knights to the field.” It’s also worth noting that Chivalry 2 arrived on Xbox Game Pass on a Tuesday, meaning that more players should jump into the hectic brawls this weekend, the game’s first weekend available via the subscription service.

Considering the game’s major “Reinforced Update” was also released on the same day as the Xbox Game Pass launch, the timing couldn’t have been better.

The Katars are the first dual-wielded weapons in Chivalry 2, and the update also adds a new Hippodrome arena for players to compete in. The same update also included other changes and additions to give both new and veteran players plenty to do.

It is important to note that crossplay only exists in the game with regards to general matchmaking, so Xbox Game Pass subscribers who plan on downloading the game through that subscription in order to play with people on other platforms will need to find other means of doing so.

What this means is that you’ll face off against players using a variety of platforms, though you won’t be able to join forces with those using anything other than an Xbox device.

After Chivalry 2’s release, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have plenty to look forward to in the days and weeks ahead. A Plague Tale: Requiem, Costume Quest, Eville, and Dyson Sphere Program round out the first batch of October’s video games. Around the middle of October, Xbox will likely release yet another list of games for the rest of the month.