New Problems Happens In Google’s Search Console’s Discover Report!

The Discover performance report in Google Search Console was disrupted by a data recording issue made by Google. Google may have seen a decline in clicks and impressions since July 26, 2022, as a result of this. This reporting error has no bearing on your rankings or exposure.

Issues Detected: There may have been a decline in Discover clicks and impressions on July 26 “due to a logging mistake,” Google said. There has been no actual decline in pageviews or clicks; this was just an administrative oversight.

New bug report: This is only a reporting and data recording problem and will not affect your visibility in Google Discover. There was an issue with Google’s reporting mechanism, so it may have seemed like your visibility dropped.

The screenshot below shows Google’s annotation of the report:

Google reporting issue with Search Console Discover report

Is there a fix in sight?

There appears to be no way to restore the lost information; instead, you will likely need to manually note the loss of this data and go on.

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Discover Is Hard

Remember that Google Discover traffic is quite erratic, so large fluctuations in your Discover clicks and impressions are to be expected. Therefore, it will be challenging for any marketer or SEO to reverse-engineer the effects of this data loss.

We Care For You

When giving these reports to your client, it is crucial that you are aware of and explain this to them as well as your employer, stakeholders, etc. In order to effectively display this chart to others, you should annotate it (Google has already done this for you) and then explain why you chose to highlight these particular areas.