Need for Speed Unbound Game Review

Need for Speed Unbound Game Review: The colourful visual aesthetic of Need for Speed Unbound is immediately noticeable. In a genre where photorealism has become the norm, EA’s latest racing game stands out with a unique blend of reality and comic books.

The game’s open landscape and vehicles err on the side of realism, although the protagonists and antagonists are cel-shaded. When using nitrous or launching off a ramp, bright graffiti-style flourishes appear, and drifting generates multicoloured tyre smoke that appears to have been created by hand, giving the game a distinct visual flair.

The rest of Unbound plays like a continuation of Need for Speed Heat 2019, despite the fact that it looks, unlike any other modern racing game. From the split-second timing difference between day and night races to the tense game of cat and mouse played when trying to elude law enforcement and make it to a safe house in time to deposit your winnings.

Need for Speed Unbound Game Review
Need for Speed Unbound Game Review

While Unbound doesn’t take any risks or try anything new, what’s here is nevertheless of high quality and continues the trend set by the recent entries in the series. Unbound follows the standard formula for Need for Speed games, with a bland plot revolving around taking revenge on an ex-friend who stole your car.

Because of how meaningless the specifics are, there’s not much use in going into them. The tale is mostly subtle, existing in the background as you drive around the city and interrupted only by occasional cutscenes.

There is some entertaining side conversation here and there; for example, in one task you’re accompanied by a “weeb racer” who spends the entire trip explaining why anime isn’t a cartoon. Known as A$AP Rocky, he is a member of the rap group A And Rocky shows up (because why the hell not? ), and it’s as if he was handed a microphone and told to speak whatever was on his mind. It’s a memorable scene in a game that’s mostly overrun with filler chatter.

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On the whole, the tale is easy to overlook, but it does succeed in driving the game’s design. The events of Unbound span four weeks of gameplay. Each week ends with a series of qualification races that all add up to a championship showdown where you may get even with your rivals by coming out on top.

Each qualifying requires a buy-in, so you’ll have to race and participate in other events in the days preceding it to earn enough money to enter and upgrade your car. Each of these activities not only brings in large sums of money but also draws the attention of the police.

The stakes are always higher when dealing with the law since you can’t keep any of your earnings if you get caught before you can go back to your safe place. In a Hurry, While Heat used a similar format, it featured both daytime and nighttime street races, the latter of which is always forbidden in Unbound.

This implies that there is no time when the authorities won’t be looking for you and that any money you win during the day must be stashed away in a safe place before you can switch to the evening races.

It is up to you to decide how much police presence you want to accumulate throughout the day before the sun sets over the horizon, as your heat level persists and is only reset after you are through for the night. Nighttime tournaments typically have much bigger rewards, although entry usually requires a high heat score or a sizable buy-in.

You can still make money by competing in lesser events, but the bigger ones carry a greater chance of disaster but also larger cash payouts. Every day, you have to carefully consider your options before making a choice. In the early stages of the game, when your vehicles aren’t optimal, these choices will have a greater impact.

I like how hard Unbound makes you work to succeed, and the first few hours are unexpectedly difficult. The other drivers are simply more skilled and have faster automobiles than your first junker. At the beginning of each race, you have the option of betting that you will finish ahead of a specific driver.

This gives you the potential to make some extra money and gives you something to strive for even if you aren’t in it for the win. As your finances improve and you’re able to invest in better cars, you’ll begin to narrow the gap and ultimately emerge victorious. You’ll feel like you’re making real progress as you work your way up the ranks.

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