NCAA 2023 Release Date Status, All You Need To Know!

Despite no definite release date being set yet, EA Sports claims that EA College Football is making a comeback. On the basis of confirmed facts, customs, speculations, and what we anticipate to see in the future, here is what we know about EA College Football.

Due to how long it has been since there has been a game, EA College Football is eagerly anticipated. For Xbox and PlayStation, a new college football game has been anticipated since 2013 by followers of the sport. Despite the fact that EA Sports is being evasive about EA College Football's precise release date, at least we are aware that the game is in development.

Little information was provided in EA Sports' unexpected statement. EA's announcement of College Football's release date and other specifics will sadly probably take some time.

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EA College Football Launch Date

You may anticipate a much more extensive launch announcement in the future because the initial EA College Football release was short on facts. The game is almost finished when EA announces it and starts its aggressive marketing campaign, which is the launch date.

Pre-orders for EA College Football, pre-order bonuses, editions of the game, and more are expected to be covered in a future announcement. A complete launch appears to be years away, which is unfortunate.

According to ESPN's interview with EA Sports Vice President and General Manager Daryl Holt, the business doesn't have “a date where the comeback will be announced.”

You should hold off and wait for the official EA College Football release information if you notice EA College Football pre-orders popping up at a store or through a website like eBay.

EA College Football Release Date

Many players had hoped that a new college football game will be released soon, but that expectation has been dashed.

The game is still in its very early stages of development, according to Holt, who spoke with ESPN. The company is now “growing out the crew and selecting what path they want the game to go in.” The Orlando studio of Electronic Arts will be primarily responsible for creating the game, according to EA. The Madden series is developed by the same studio, EA Tiburon.

Sports video games from EA Sports are frequently released right before the start of their corresponding real-world seasons. For instance, Madden 22 was made available by EA Sports on August 20th, around two weeks before the start of the 2020–2021 NFL season.

Thus, July or August is probably when EA College Football will be released.

EA states in the tweet above that it will be releasing additional details about the game over the “next couple of years” as it progresses through development.

Similar remarks were made by the corporation in the press release for the game. According to the press announcement, game development is “only getting started, with launch time to be determined as the project moves forward in the years to come.”

The company “is excited to introduce a new game to gamers in the next couple of years,” according to EA Sports EVP and GM Cam Weber in the same press statement.

EA's rumored release date accords with the material that has been made public so far, according to journalist Matt Brown, who discovered the likely release date.

A current release date for EA Sports' EA College Football is “July of 2023,” according to internal CLC papers. A release in 2022 seems doubtful, but it might certainly change.

One more copy of the EA Sports/CLC proposal to FBS colleges has been given to Brown, and it indicates that the contract's potential duration is July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2027. This means that it covers all four game iterations.

More recently, Collegiate Licensing Co. CEO Cory Moss stated that the company is hoping for an EA summer 2023 release of the game. Apparently, the aim is still to release the game in July 2023, according to a different document that Brown uncovered.

So that's what you can anticipate as of right now.

EA College Football Features

Though Matt Brown has already hinted at some potential features, EA won't be outlining EA College Football's features in full for some time.

An Ultimate Team Mode for the game is in the works, according to Brown at EA. Given that it is a source of income for games like Madden and FIFA, this is not particularly surprising.

Brown adds that the well-liked Dynasty mode from earlier games “will be a part of the game in some manner.”

EA College Football Consoles

The possibility of an EA College Football release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has garnered a lot of interest now that the game is official. There's a decent probability we'll see a debut on those systems even though EA hasn't officially acknowledged it.

Consoles for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released by Sony and Microsoft in 2013. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were swapped out for the new systems. Limiting College Football to the newest systems would be a dumb move by EA Sports because it would prevent millions of people from purchasing the PS5 or Xbox Series X, which would result in lost revenues.

The PS3 and Xbox One were last supported in Madden 17, which was released in 2016. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox One were no longer supported in FIFA 19, which was released in 2019.

While nothing has been officially verified, EA's sports titles have a history of working on earlier systems, which is encouraging for gamers who still own a PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox Series X.

In light of this, a more recent system, such as Sony's PS5 or Microsoft's Xbox Series X, is required if you want the greatest EA College Football experience.

EA College Football will undoubtedly be made available on modern systems like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, however, a release for earlier platforms is still uncertain.

According to Holt, who spoke to ESPN, discussions about bringing the game back began more than a year ago, and “technologies they've seen on Next-Gen platforms like the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X” helped motivate them.

Although EA hasn't publicly discussed the game's features, you can anticipate that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will have at least some of the improvements we've seen in Madden and FIFA for these consoles.

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