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MADRID – Movistar Plus, a pay-TV / SVOD division of giant European Telefonica Telecom, raises the bid. On New Year’s Eve, she announced the release of the first line of releases in 2020 – perhaps more titles will be added – with two big hesitations, a greater emphasis on action and a lot of comedic and non-play pieces.

14 new episodes or seasons of 2020 are the company’s record.

This, however, is only Movistar Plus, and it does not account for a single large series in the second half of the year, or any that it can launch into development through a new joint production enterprise announced in September with the Atresmedia broadcast network.

In addition, more feature films may appear, following the company’s first original film, “And at War,” Alejandro Amenabara, who earned 11.0 million Euros (12.0 million dollars) in Spanish box office this year and set a salary. The television unit is one of the few companies in Spain to create full-length feature films.

All Movistar Plus names have been announced. The following, however, are five immediate takes on the full release:

1. Social activists

The year 2020 is the signal of Movistar Plus 2.0. One big change: action. If you don’t capture viewers in the first 90 seconds of the series, they may already be disconnecting, Netflix reports. Both flagships of the first semester of Movistar Plus, The Invisible Line and La Unidad, are action-based. The Invisible Line, continued by Mariano Barroso after What Holds the Future, one of the best Movistar Plus reviews to date, includes the first – tragic – hand-to-hand killing of ETA. Created by Dani de la Torre (Retribution) and Alberto Marini (Sleeping Sleep), La Unidad, from the few details released on the set, looks like a mix of office drama / action film in the Melilla-based anti-jihad terrorist group . But both of them concern acute questions: when and why did peaceful resistance turn into armed violence? What are the limits of an ethical war on terrorism?

CREDIT: Lisbeth Salas / Movistar +

2. Scaling the opposition

The “Unit” was shot dead in Tangier, Perpignan, Girona, Madrid, Galicia, Nigeria and Toulouse. Antidisturbios, Rodrigo Sorogoyan’s upcoming drama thriller, Movistar Plus riot police, is filming in La Coruna and Madrid, but in more than 170 locations. Announced as the first international production of Movistar and filmed in Spanish, German, Greek and Italian with a European cast, Díme Quien Soy follows the life of a woman who existed until the 1930s, during the Spanish Civil War, World War II , cold war and other countries. 1989. Size is not an automatic passport for spectators. But ceteris paribus, if you can beat the opposition, all the better.

3.More comedies

Three of Movistar Plus’s biggest hits — by number of views, prizes, and critical reactions — were high-profile comedies dedicated to authorities, a director with a flash: “Shame,” from Juan Cavestani (“People in the Locations”) and Alvaro Fernandez Armero (“Side Track” ), about the painful claims of a mediocre joker; Winner of Rose d’Or Arde Madrid, created by Paco Leon and Anna R. Costa, and a drama about women’s liberation against the wild days of Ava Gardener in Madrid in the 60s; The Ideal Life of Leticia Doler, a 30-year-old female crisis drama and two-time winner of the 2019 Canneseries, in the nominations for Best Series and For Special Achievements. Comedies are completely useless, often very cost-effective. Movistar Plus has replenished its ranks with two new names: the male nerd with the comedy “Nasdrovia” with Leonor Watling (“Talk to Her”) and Hugo Silva (“Department of Time”), “Supernatural”, about the suffering of a super mother.

CREDIT: John Danny Amiga / Movistar +

4.New popular science line

The world premiere of Movistar Plus is one of the episodes of “ETA, End of Silence” from John Sistiaga and Alfonso Cortes-Cavanillas at the September San Sebastian Film Festival. There are now three other non-game series in the hopper: Espías, by David Beríain

(“Clandestino”), with records of real operations of the international intelligence service; “El Palmar de Troy” about the scandalous Catholic church in Seville with its own pope; and The Heart of the Empire by Santiago Postegillo on the significant influence of women on the Roman Empire.

CREDIT: Movistar +

5. Spanish Industry Driver

La Unidad, Supernormal and El Palmar de Troya mark the first joint production of Movistar Plus, respectively, with Vacic Films from Galicia, Secuoya, the company behind Madrid Content City, and 100 Balas owned by The Mediapro Studio. Movistar Plus began financing a series featuring the most famous TV show runners and movie talents. He quickly began to expand his partnerships. With fewer Spanish films being minted by millions, this contributes to a more sustainable Spanish content industry, as its series is gaining audience overseas.

CREDIT: Movistar +