Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Has Been Updated To Version 12.0.1. Here’s What’s New!

Capcom has published a new minor patch for Monster Hunter Rise, bringing the game’s full version up to 12.0.1 before the next November free title update, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Several issues have been addressed in this update, including one that caused save files from growing in size for no apparent reason after a certain gameplay adjustment. From Capcom’s Monster Hunter update page, here’s the complete rundown:

Version 12.0.1 – October 14, 2022 

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments 

  • Incorrect behavior when saving with augmented armor set on the Guild Card’s “Vaunted Quest for Crafting” tab has been corrected.
  • After investigating the problem brought on by the repetitive input of gestures and posture sets, we have modified the game to accept no more than four inputs per second to ensure the Lobby’s continued stability.
  • We’ve resolved an issue that might lead to an error when claiming the “Lost Code” Hunter stacked weapon set of 14 different weapons at once.
  • The problem has been fixed with the Chrome Heaven, Antique Machina GS, and Lordly Deathcap greatswords having too few Anomaly Slots.
  • This bug has been resolved where Risen Chameleons acted differently for players with an Anomaly Research Level of less than 100 compared to those with 100 or above.
  • During the M6 mission “A Mysterious Pale Flame,” we fixed an issue that would cause Violet Mizutsune to get stuck in a never-ending loop if the player used a Tricktoad in a particular way.
  • An issue where the game would crash while using “Equipment Search” at the Smithy or in the Item Box if the user did not have the proper permissions to play “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” has been resolved.
  • When a cutscene begins, the game no longer automatically saves your progress.
  • Unauthorized Anomaly Investigations cannot be accepted at the Quest Counter.
  • A notification will be displayed in the player’s chat log if they attempt to join an Anomaly Investigation via a Join Request and the task is later discovered to be unlawful.