Minecraft Trails and Tales Release Date- Get Ready for a Thrill Ride!

More information about Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales was released in March. This update encourages “self-expression through representation, storytelling, and worldbuilding.” A date for the update’s rollout has been set.

In a blog post published today, Minecraft announced that the June 7 release of Trails and Tales would be available for free download. The update brings several new creatures and blocks, and some minor modifications geared toward storytelling, and the post digs into the specifics.

The formal announcement may be seen in the Minecraft Monthly video. As you can see right here, Mojang also Tweeted out the official release date:

The long-awaited camel, which can carry two players, and the sniffer, the “gentle giant” chosen by the community at Minecraft Live 2022, are part of the following Trails and Tales update. The update also adds a new biome called the Cherry Grove, which features two new wood sets: bamboo and cherry.

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The central new concept in this update is called archaeology, and it involves players digging through sand to uncover valuable items like tools and ceramics.

Trails and Tales Release Date

The addition of armour trims in Trails and Tales enables even greater personalization. Hangable signs, playable mob sounds, and a new sort of bookshelf for storing enchanted books are just a few of the small changes coming to ornamental blocks in the update.

Get Ready for Trails and Tales! | Minecraft has a trailer, which you can watch below-

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