Minecraft Legends: Build Your Own Multiplayer Fortress, Release Date Confirmed

A new action-strategy video game called Minecraft Legends is being developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, and it will be distributed by Xbox Game Studios.

Minecraft Legends: Build Your Own Multiplayer Fortress, Release Date Confirmed

Later on this year, you’ll be able to play Minecraft: Legends. During Wednesday’s Xbox Developer Direct event, Microsoft confirmed that the release date for the newest Minecraft offshoot will be April 18. The presentation also featured a new trailer and further info about the game.

The latest trailer for Minecraft Legends highlights the game’s competitive player-versus-player (PvP) mode, which throws two opposing teams of players against one another in an online battle to see who can build the better fortress, gather more resources, and defend their forts from enemy attacks. Each match will have its own flair thanks to the map being dynamically generated.

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In addition to hostile Piglins, players will also face neutral Piglins that can be fought for resources and defended against. In each PvP match, you must work to defend your own base while attempting to demolish the opponent.

Because of this, constructing a strong base is crucial to success in this mode, and the video showcases a wide variety of possible base designs and creative methods to keep other teams on their toes.

Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends

In addition to Survival, Minecraft Legends will feature a Story Campaign that supports multiplayer. Players are tasked with banding up with some of Minecraft’s more recognizable races to ward against an invasion of Piglins on a procedurally created planet.

The Minecraft Legends release schedule includes the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

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Frequently asked questions

Will Minecraft legends be multiplayer?

The gameplay of Minecraft Legends does, in fact, include options for both cooperative and competitive multiplayer play.

Is Minecraft Legends cross platform?

How It Plays There will be cross-platform player against player combat in Minecraft Legends. There will be enough room for eight revelers, two each team. The objective for both teams is the same: to take control of and destroy the opposing base.