Microsoft Unveils New Research And Technology To Bridge The Gap Between Leaders And Employees, Enabling Businesses To Thrive In The Face Of Economic Uncertainty

Microsoft Corporation published its Work Trend Index Pulse report, “Hybrid Work Is Just Work,” on Thursday. Could It Be That We’re Doing It Wrong? Microsoft Viva’s employee experience platform, new features were revealed to empower and energize workers despite the uncertain economic climate.

The data shows that the mixed nature of employment has led to a widening gulf between workers and their superiors. They have different ideas about what it means to be productive, how to balance autonomy and accountability, the value of mobility, and the place of the workplace. To close to keep workers interested and connected no matter where they are, a new strategy is required that acknowledges work is no longer just a place but an experience that needs to transcend time and geography.

Microsoft CEO and Satya observed, “Thriving employees will offer enterprises a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economic landscape.” To end produendoia, restore social capital, and re-recruit and re-energize employees, Microsoft has announced today a new advancemeroughout its employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva.

End productivity paranoia: While 87% of workers believe they are productive on the job, 85% of managers feel it’s difficult to trust that their staff is doing so due to the rise of hybrid work. Most of busMostlmost ever or never, collect employee feedback, highlighting the need for leaders to establish clarity and alignment on company goals, minimize tedious work that doesn’t serve those goals, and listen to their people.

Embrace that people come in for each other: Eighty-four percent of workers believe they would be more motivated to show up to work if they had the opportunity to interact with coworkers, and eighty-five percent would be driven to work on rebuilding team relationships if they had the chance to do science and managers see communication as the most critical ability crucial to excelling in their positions in 2019.

Re-skill to re-recruit your employees: Fifty-five percent of workers believe switching jobs is the most excellent way to advance their careers. On the other hand, if they had more incredible opportunities for more significant professional growth and advancement within the organization, 76% would stay for longer.

Microsoft is expanding its employee experience platform Microsoft Viva to help businesses meet these difficulties and provide their employees with an experience well-suited to how people work today. Microsoft has announced many updates and additions to Viva today.

  • Managers and team leads can now use a new Viva Pulse app to get rigorous feedback on how their teams are doing. To assist managers in identifying what is working and what needs attention, Viva Pulse provides them with templates and questions based on research.
  • A new app called Viva Amplify will help leaders and communicators improve the impact of their messages and more effectively reach their teams wherever they may be. The app serves as a hub for all communications initiatives, gives feedback on content creation to boost message impact, facilitates publication across Microsoft 365’s many channels and distribution groups, and tracks progress toward goals.
  • The new feature, “Answers in Viva,” would leverage artificial intelligence to connect employees with answers and experts.
  • To facilitTocovery of connections, expertise, and insights across the organization, Viva’s new feature, “People,” will use artificial intelligence to generate comprehensive profile cards that include information on an employee’s hobbies, knowledge, and team goals. A new app and Ad profile cards in Microsoft 365 will provide access to these insights.
  • Microsoft’s new Viva Engage platform encourages the growth of online communities by providing means for users to have meaningful conversations and express themselves through the sharing of narratives.
  • Viva Engage’s upcoming Leadership Corner will serve as a forum where employees may have candid conversations with company executives, voice their opinions, and get involved in strategic projects.
  • Viva Goals is a tool that helps companies better connect employee efforts with strategic objectives. Connecting to Power BI datasets for KPI and Key Result tracking, integrating with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for automatic project management updates, and more—all these and more are examples of how Viva Goals’ new connectors will integrate goals into the flow of work.
  • People can access LinkedIn Learning Hub without interrupting their workflow in Teams workflow improved interfaces between Viva Learning and LinkedIn Learning. A student’s LinkedIn Learning Hub data, including their unique content, tailored learning paths, and completed courses, will be mirrored in real-time inside Viva. And the integration may be set up by administrators without needing any third-party APIs within the LinkedIn Learning Hub settings.
  • The first role-based platform experience app, Viva Sales, will be released on October 3.
  • Viva Sales integrates Microsoft 365 and Teams with a seller’s CRM to simplify the selling process and is AI-powered without requiring the seller to switch between applications. With the help of Seismic, Microsoft will be able to improve consumer engagement on a large scale and in an individualistic manner by using AI to provide content recommendations.
  • A new home experience in Viva Connections will centralize all Viva apps in one place, and enhancements to the Viva briefing email will deliver more individualized productivity advice to assist employees to get back on tracing contracting work, meetings, and learning after a slow start to the workday.

In the first few months of 2023, users will start receiving the brand-new Viva features. The new Work Trend Index Pulse report and the Official Microsoft Blog are great places to start. Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) supports digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its goal is to help everyone and every group on Earth accomplish more. With analysis of trillions of Microsoft 365 productivity signals, LinkedIn labor trends, and Glint Workers Science insights, the Work Trend Index Pulse report was based on data from an external survey of 20,000 people in 11 countries.