When Will Microsoft 365 Copilot Be Made Available?

On March 16, Microsoft showed off its brand-new apps that use AI. People who want to start using the platform may be wondering when Microsoft 365 Copilot will be available.

There is no confirmed date for when Copilot will be out. In a blog post, Microsoft said that twenty of their clients can use the new apps right now.

If everything goes well, they will plan to release it in the “coming months.” We don’t know for sure when this will happen. But as soon as there are changes, we will let you know.

What exactly is Copilot? The new AI Copilot from Microsoft has the best parts of AI technology. The new thing will become your own digital personal assistant. The new AI tool will be built into all of Microsoft’s programs, like Word, Excel, and many more. It will be powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 model:

Basically, it will let you use your business’s data and files in smart ways to automate a number of tasks. For instance, Copilot can make tasks that can be done right away during a Teams meeting. It can even help you find insights and look for trends in Excel, which is pretty amazing.

Is Microsoft Copilot Currently Available?

Simply put, no, it isn’t. Microsoft has only let a small number of clients use the new Microsoft 365. The tech giant is planning to release the full version of the app in the “coming months.” So, the release date for Microsoft 365 Copilot should be this summer.

Is Microsoft Copilot totally free? In a blog post, Microsoft said that the “specifics on pricing and licensing will be shared soon.” So, it’s not clear if the new Copilot feature will cost extra or not.

Right now, the only way to get Microsoft 365 for free is to make a personal account so you can use their web apps. You have to sign up for one of Microsoft’s subscription plans if you don’t want to.

It’s not clear if everyone who uses Microsoft 365 will be able to use Copilot. So, this is something you should keep an eye out for in the next update.