Meta’s New Vr Headset Is Coming In October. What We Know About Meta Cambria, Aka Quest Pro

The Quest 2 will not be replaced by Meta’s next, more expensive and sophisticated virtual reality headset in October.

Despite being two years old and suddenly more expensive, the Oculus Quest 2 (formerly named Meta Quest 2) is still our favorite virtual reality headset. Where does Meta go from here after it stops being Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, said in an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the business plans to release four different headsets over the next few years, the first of which is scheduled for release in October.

The “Project Cambria” headset was first unveiled in 2017. However, it is not a direct continuation of the events in Quest 2. Instead, as Mark Zuckerberg predicted to CNET in 2021, it should be a Quest Pro.

As it stands, Project Cambria appears to be a significantly more expensive and complex form of AR/VR hybrid headset, a bridge device that may be an incredible VR device but could also enable mixed reality by integrating footage from the real world with VR via upgraded cameras.

In addition, Cambria will have new sensor technology (most notably, eye tracking and face tracking) that may open up novel ways of interacting with virtual reality and personalizing your avatar. Concerns concerning personal privacy arise alongside the benefits of eye tracking.

Meta's New Vr Headset Is Coming In October
Meta’s New Vr Headset Is Coming In October