‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ Speedrunner Admits Fake Run

At the most recent SGDQ 2022 speedrunning marathon, Russian speedrunner Mekarazium had the chance to compete in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The majority of the speedrunning is done in person at the Minneapolis venue. The run by Mekarazium was one of the event’s uncommon internet runs, nevertheless.

While his completion of the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance basic game was legal, there was an added motivation for the runner to also finish the game’s Blade Wolf DLC, which was funded by donations. The Blade Wolf section of the run, by the runner’s own admission, was made up of multiple previously recorded segments that were edited together to make the run appear seamless.

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Mekarazium confessed to the Games Done Quick enforcement team in a discord message after users on the speedrunning subreddit pointed out the lack of keyboard noises and odd audio cut at the finish of the run.

“The Blade Wolf DLC run incentive folks paid for is a segmented run that has already been recorded. In neither the submission process nor the email I submitted to the committee have I made any mention of it. The run was going to be in real-time, but after swapping the saves, I changed my mind.

Mekarazium requests his time when the run is complete, then appears to act surprised and briefly remarks that it is a world record time. He then asks that the term “world record” not be used because it is misleading and adds that someone else might have an unrecorded fastest time.

“I’ve done an actual awful thing and I shouldn’t have done this on an event,” Mekarazium said after admitting it to the GDQ personnel. I don’t want this to be one of the causes that keeps everyone else from doing online runs in the future. I was self-centered and didn’t spend enough time considering other people. The only reason I chose to do a segmented run is that the NG+ Hard run went significantly better than we had practiced over the month prior, and I needed something to cap this off.

Mekarazium’s run has been removed from the Games Done Quick YouTube account as a result of this admission, however, it is still accessible on the Twitch VOD of the competition.

Mekarazium posted a remark in a Reddit thread about the manufactured run that appears to justify the practice, essentially arguing that it is not cheating because it was never meant to be submitted to leaderboards.

I advise you to think a little bit outside the box and try to connect the dots to see if the speech will have more meaning to it rather than taking the “he cheated” route, which has no meaning because the run was never intended to be on the leaderboards and at least one person knew that I was doing one.

For Doctors Without Borders, Summer Games Done Quick 2022 raised almost £2.49 million.

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