‘Meta Quest Pro’ Headset Leaked: Images And Video Reveals, Controller Design Of Meta’s Upcoming VR Headset

Meta’s next-generation Oculus VR headset looks to have leaked after an early version of the device was discovered in a hotel room.

Recent web leaks have shown images and videos of the mysterious Meta headgear. Ramiro Cardenas originally posted the photographs and video on Facebook. He said he found the “Meta Quest Pro” virtual reality headset in an unoccupied hotel room and took photos of the package and controllers.

Cardenas told Kotaku that he discovered the gadget in a hotel hallway. The item “was mistaken as garbage,” Cardenas told Kotaku. “Since [it was] a large black bag, along in the corridor for hours, until guests complained it was in the hallway,” Cardenas said, explaining that he investigated the trash bags before throwing them out and discovered some Meta Quest boxes.

Leaked photos and video suggest that the “Quest Pro” headset may be Project Cambria, the high-end VR headset that Meta previewed during its Fall event at the end of last year. Earlier this year in July, Bloomberg reported that the company had discovered “Oculus Pro” references in Meta’s source code.

The Quest Pro’s release date, price, or specifications have not been disclosed by Meta. Still, we can safely assume that the headset will be more robust than the Quest 2, even though its primary use is not gaming but rather productivity.

On an earnings call in April, Zuckerberg said, “Later this year, we’ll introduce a higher-end headset, codenamed Project Cambria,” which will be “more focused on work use cases and eventually replacing your laptop or work setup.” as recent as in the past calendar year.

There has been much speculation about what Meta’s new virtual reality headset would be called, but the company has only revealed that an event will take place on October 11. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has stated that the company will unveil its following virtual reality headgear and likely offer details on new games for its Quest devices and the company’s goals for its other initiatives, such as the metaverse.

In the past, people have also posted pictures of unannounced and unreleased devices they found after they were left unattended. The fourth-generation iPhone prototype was abandoned in a pub in 2010. More recently, a prototype of Google’s Pixel Watch was discovered at a restaurant, and an unreleased Pixel 7 prototype was found on eBay in May.