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MechWarrior Returns: Battle for the Future in 2024!

MechWarrior Returns

MechWarrior Returns

MechWarrior Returns: In an interview with the NoGutsNoGalaxy podcast, Piranha Games president Russ Bullock announced the development of a brand-new single-player Mechwarrior game, more than three years after the release of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

To my surprise, we’ve been able to keep working on MechWarrior for this long, which is fantastic,” Bullock said. As everyone is well aware, MechWarrior 5’s fourth downloadable content pack is currently in development.

Piranha is also hard at work on a new MechWarrior game. Think of it more along the lines of MechWarrior 5—it’s a standalone game, a standalone product—but don’t confuse it with MechWarrior Online 2 or the sequel to MechWarrior Online [which entered open beta in 2012 before releasing in 2013].

MechWarrior Returns

Bullock stated that the new game would be available for PC and consoles, and would take “more of a singleplayer co-op type of pathway.”

However, Bullock has cautioned that the official reveal may not occur until the fall of this year, so we still don’t know when it will be set or which faction will be the game’s primary focus.

That gives us plenty of room for conjecture, and I’m thinking (based on certain events in MechWarrior 5, which I won’t spoil) that it might have something to do with the Clan invasion of 3049.

In addition, Bullock expressed interest in developing a sequel to MechWarrior Online, as reported by NGNG, but he acknowledged that doing so would present additional challenges, such as the need for a license extension.

Piranha has the MechWarrior license until 2025, but “more runway than that” is required for a complete MWO2. If your license expires, say, in 2025, “you’re not going to make a MechWarrior Online 2,” Bullock said.

There needs to be a guarantee of at least five years after the game ends, so pushing the deadline to 2030 is probably necessary.

Bullock told PC Gamer via email that the upcoming MechWarrior game will feature single-player only and will be released in 2024. Rise of Rasalhague, the fourth downloadable content pack for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, is scheduled for release on January 26.

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