Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Should Consider One Spider-Man 3 Game Mechanic

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Unique symbiote suit mechanics were added in Spider-Man 3, and one, in particular, would be amazing to see in Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales gave just enough hints about the upcoming sequel that it’s exciting to speculate about the game’s mechanics even without any additional information.

Since fans now have solid evidence that the symbiote must bond with a host in order to transform into Venom, they can draw a wide variety of conclusions and assumptions. It will be interesting to see how the symbiote alters Spider-gameplay Man in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2; this has been one of the more intriguing aspects of the symbiote in video games.

Spider-Man 3 Has QTEs for Symbiote Separation Anxiety

A feature exclusive to the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii versions of Spider-Man 3 can be found in the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 versions of the game. By utilizing this system, gamers can actively switch between Spider-traditional Man’s red and blue suit and the alien symbiote’s black suit.

However, the symbiote isn’t just a new outfit; it grows increasingly attached to the player as time goes on. Then, if you want to change back into your red and blue Spider-Man garb, a quick-time-event (QTE) minigame will pop up as Spidey tries to take off his black costume.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Animations follow, depicting Peter’s mental struggle, complete with grunting and symbiote shrieks. Players will see this mini-game played out as a vital strategy to survive the symbiote’s attachment, although doing so will result in a “game over” screen if they wear the black suit for too long.

In-game fighting bonuses may have inspired Insomniac’s symbiote design. However, this quick-time event minigame would be great in PS5 fidelity with narrative implications if either of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s wall-crawling heroes bonds with the symbiote.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Can Be Creative 

It is currently merely speculation that Peter or Miles will don the symbiote at some time during Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Even if the symbiote has no direct impact on the player’s actions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it’s intriguing to think about the potential changes it may make to the gameplay for either Spider-Man if it were connected to Harry or another character. Venom appears to have a classic, iconic design based on the trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

However, Insomniac may be planning future iterations of their strategy for dealing with the symbiote. Unless Venom himself is a playable character, the symbiote’s representation as Venom will have no effect on gameplay.

While one Spider-Man may be playable, the other may be the host of the symbiote and an enemy to be defeated. However, if gamers could freely explore the universe while sporting enhanced skills thanks to the symbiote, it might be too tempting for Insomniacs to resist.

It would be amazing to see players making huge leaps with the symbiote’s tentacles propelling them into the air, just as Miles Morales did in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

With the symbiote, Insomniac could offer an additional layer to battle and a whole skill tree to accompany it, but the story behind why the symbiote abandoned Harry for Peter or Miles would need to be just as compelling. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Into the Spider-Verse is set to debut on PS5 in 2023.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Will Spider-Man 2 have the symbiote suit?

A number intriguing theories about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 have circulated, but one of the most fascinating has surfaced only recently. The rumour that every costume in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will have a Symbiote version turns out to be genuine.

Is it a symbiote in Spider-Man 3?

He was wearing a suit when the symbiote attached itself to it. While greatly increasing Peter's abilities, it also brought out a lot of anger in Peter's attitude, making him more arrogant and violent.

Where did the black stuff come from in Spider-Man 3?

Former ally turned enemy Harry Osborn, aka the New Goblin, has sworn revenge on Spider-Man for his father's death. One night, a space alien symbiote crashes near Peter and attaches itself to his Spider suit, changing the suit's colour to black and increasing its abilities.

Is there a symbiote suit in Spider-Man?

Peter Parker's first new costume was the Symbiote Suit, also known as the Black Suit, which he wore for the first time in the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man #252 and later wore again in Secret Wars #8.