M2 Pro Geekbench A New Era of Processor Performance

It’s unclear why Apple would choose to keep quiet about the release of its new M2 Pro and M2 Max system-on-chips. It’s puzzling that Apple chose such a low-key approach to the unveiling of a major piece of hardware given how usually the company unveils its products to considerable hoopla.

However, a recent Geekbench listing confirms the M2 Pro is shaping up to be quite a powerhouse. It has been spotted on the same benchmarking service as a Mac Mini (via MacRumors).

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M2 Pro Geekbench A New Era of Processor Performance

In the Geekbench single-core and multi-core tests, the Apple M2 Pro achieves 1,952 and 15,013 points, respectively. That’s a 20% boost in multi-core performance and a 10% boost in single-core performance compared to the previous-generation M1 Pro (1,769/12,499) However, comparing the M1 Max (1,780/12,656) to the M2 Pro would be unfair because the latter has two more E cores.

As a further point, Geekbench is a CPU-intensive test, while the M1 Max will likely show its true colors in a GPU-limited setting. The enhanced TSMC N5P node it is manufactured on and Apple’s skillful chip design are both contributors to the M2 Pro’s remarkable performance boost.

M2 Pro Geekbench
M2 Pro Geekbench

So long as the 3 nm M3 and its successors are not available, the M2 Max will be the best Apple SoC available. Both the M2 Pro and M2 Max, however, should have more than enough processing power to handle the vast majority of video-related tasks. The Intel Core i9-13980HX and AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX are great for general computing.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Geekbench accurate?

While Geekbench isn't quite as guilty as AnTuTu of being a misleading or misinterpreted benchmark, it still only tests the central processing unit (CPU) and memory of a smartphone and does not do so under realistic conditions.

What is Geekbench used for?

CPU Performance Evaluation Benchmark

Checking email, snapping a picture, playing music, or doing all three at once—Geekbench 5 tests the single-core and multi-core processing capability of your computer.

Does Geekbench cost money?

Even if you haven't shelled out the cash for a Geekbench license, you may still use the open-source version of the program. Free version cannot be used without access to the internet. At the conclusion of the test, the results will be uploaded immediately to the Geekbench browser.