Microsoft May Introduce New, Ad-supported, Lower-priced Xbox Game Pass Tiers

Lower-priced Xbox Game Pass: Although more and more gamers are signing up for Microsoft’s Game Pass to access titles like Obsidian’s recently launched Pentiment, the service’s current price may be prohibitive to others, given the current cost-of-living problem.

The corporation is considering creating a free or low-cost tier supported by advertisements, according to the results of a survey handed out to gamers. Windows Central noticed that a poll for a potential new lower Game Pass tier had appeared on ResetEra.

Microsoft May Introduce Lower-priced Xbox Game Pass
Microsoft May Introduce Lower-priced Xbox Game Pass

The study suggests a monthly fee of $3, a limited library of Xbox Game Pass games, a back catalog of first-party games (with a six-month delay on new Xbox games), and, most intriguingly, the inclusion of Xbox Live Gold.

It’s interesting to see Xbox Live Gold, which grants access to the Xbox Network, included in this bundle for only $3. Of course, Microsoft would want to recoup costs associated with this tier by displaying advertisements whenever a game from the service is launched.

Whether or not this would be enough to offset the loss of revenue from the ordinary Xbox Live Gold subscription is unknown.

The games in this category are only available for download, but the pricing is attractive because Xbox Cloud Gaming is included with the premium Xbox Game Pass membership, Ultimate.

We recommend taking this survey with a grain of salt until we hear more from Microsoft; even if it is legit, the corporation may decide not to move forward.

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