Does Netflix Have Plans to Release Lookism Second Season?

Lookism: After being delayed because of the Itaewon disaster, the animated rendition of Lookism premiered on December 8. Season one consists of eight episodes that follow Park Hyeong-Seok as he adjusts to life at a new high school.

This isn’t your average slice-of-life show, either. It’s a story about bullying, and it’s a sad story. Many of the series’ protagonists suffer from this kind of treatment, and they all have one thing in common: they are unattractive to most of society.

One of them, though, dares to face the world head-on, and it’s not the protagonist. The life of Park Hyeong-Seok is the central focus of Lookism. Because he doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of either attractiveness or strength, he is frequently picked on in school.

He finally snaps and begs his mom for a move. His mother gives in to his request after seeing how much it means to him. She has to put in extra hours to support the two of them. When this happens, Hyeong-Seok moves out on his own. Okay, not at all. He suddenly acquires a whole new, flawless body.


Park Hyeong-seok’s Character is Still Developing

While Park Hyeong-seok plays a significant role in Lookism, he isn’t exactly the most likeable protagonist. When he first arrives, before he has a new body, his character is just as unpleasant as his appearance. He cowers before bullies and misbehaves at home.

His years of maltreatment may explain his meek demeanour in the front of his oppressors, but they do not justify his outburst of rage towards his hard-working mother. Even the fact that they are financially strapped is something he has held against her.

Nonetheless, this isn’t always the case. After the body-switch, Hyeong-personality seok’s changes for the better. Hyeong-new seok’s appearance is commensurate with conventional standards of attractiveness. To put it simply: it’s tall, gorgeous, fit, and athletic.

Hyeong-seok receives a great deal of admiration and compliments whenever he occupies that body, yet he manages to keep his ego in check. He has not lost his modesty or his sense of perspective.

As a result of his lack of expertise in social situations, he acts clumsily rather than boastfully. What’s more intriguing is that he hasn’t lost touch with his heritage. Whenever he witnesses bullying, he can’t ignore it.

A lot of his struggles can be attributed to the fact that he feels deeply for the people who go through what he went through. The people he has publicly defended often become his friends. Although his deeds make sense, he is nonetheless overshadowed by one of the persons he has protected, Pyeon Deok-hwa.

Pyeon Deok-hwa Fights The World With A Heart Of Steel

Pyeon Deok-hwa shares Hyeong-current seok’s situation. Not only is he small and stocky, but he also doesn’t exactly conform to conventional standards of beauty. His only living family, a grandma who sells street food, provides for him as well.

Although Hyeong-seok can sing, Deok-hwa can rap. Not surprisingly, the bullies start picking on him because of that quality. Of course, Deok-hwa isn’t on the same level as Hyeong-seok. The character flaw that he lacks is not one of weakness. Because of that, he’s a fantastic protagonist.

To take on the hardships of life head-on, Deok-hwa doesn’t require a brand new, flawless body. Deok-hwa is self-assured about his rapping abilities, therefore he works hard to showcase them. He is not affected by the negative feedback of others.

Deok-hwa keeps going even though Jin Ho-bin is trying to ruin his spirit by making fun of his rapping. He hasn’t stopped penning verse or seizing his moment in the spotlight. He is not shy about participating in school productions and auditions.

Because of this, thousands of people will hear his debut single. Though Lookism hasn’t brought him the success he deserves, the fact remains that he has earned far more praise for his efforts than Park Hyeong-seok has for his unbelievable meteoric rise to fame.

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Will there be a Lookism Season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix has not announced the renewal of Lookism for a second season, but that doesn’t imply that it won’t be produced. Because the original webtoon is constantly being updated, there are plenty of storylines to adapt for a second season (especially since the first season only had eight episodes and we only scratched the surface).

Second, Studio Mir has a strong history of collaboration with Netflix, having produced shows including The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, and DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (which aired for three seasons).

The Netflix tagline reads, “Unique character designers have infused life into the key characters of the original manga, giving them lively voices, dynamic direction, and breathtaking effects.

This exciting series will bring you fresh insights and thrills through its captivating episodes, which have a slightly different tone from the original manga. Follow Park Hyung Suk’s journey as he faces and conquers a wide range of challenges on his way to realising his ambitions.

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