Play the Original NES Legend of Zelda in VR with a Doom Mod!

Legend of Zelda in VR: With the help of a mod made for Doom, a fan of The Legend of Zelda has converted the classic NES game into a virtual reality experience. Although 2021 marked the 35th anniversary of the launch of The Legend of Zelda series, it wasn’t met with the same level of celebration as the Super Mario Bros. series.

Instead, Nintendo‘s Game & Watch handheld was dedicated to the series about an elf-like young man and a princess who save the land of Hyrule from an evil warlord.

Nonetheless, fans marked the event by producing a flood of fan art, fan fiction, and even Minecraft recreations of iconic locations from The Legend of Zelda.

There have also been many modifications made available for PC ports of the games, such as those that turn everything in Ocarina of Time into an explosion or those that allow for split-screen and multiplayer play in Breath of the Wild.

Legend of Zelda in VR
Legend of Zelda in VR

The fanbase’s enthusiasm for everything Zelda-related, from the 1986 NES original to the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, has only grown. As a tribute to the flagship game, one fan has adapted the entire opening act of The Legend of Zelda and made it playable in virtual reality.

This was made possible with a Doom mod that runs on the QuestZDoom engine for the Quest VR headset. A video of the mod in action, appropriately titled “The Legend of Doom,” was uploaded to YouTube by user Sugary Noe.

Very impressive outcomes; the conversion appears to have caused no noticeable changes or issues. The Legend of Zelda’s expansive world appears to be nothing more than a shift in viewpoint. To those who don’t feel queasy while playing VR games, giving it a shot could be fun.

It’s safe to assume that this isn’t the first virtual reality adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. Virtual reality adaptations of popular games are more than likely to exist. Before their official releases, both Skyrim and Resident Evil Village were playable in virtual reality.

With the help of a mod, even Elden Ring can be played in virtual reality. Some companies have gone so far as to officially approve fan-made additions, like Valve did with Half-Life 2: VR in 2017. The situation can also be reversed for those who either have no interest in or access to a virtual reality gaming setup.

Upon its 2019 release, the rhythm game Beat Saber was a smashing success, garnering acclaim from both players and critics alike. It didn’t take long for a mod to be released that allowed Beat Saber to be played with a conventional controller instead of requiring virtual reality headsets.

Many fans were dismayed when it was revealed that 2020’s Half-Life: Alyx, the first game in the series in nearly 13 years, would be available only in virtual reality. The original release of The Legend of Zelda was for the NES in 1986, and it has since expanded to other platforms.

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