The Legend of Dragoon 1.02 Patch Notes Fix Major PS4 and PS5 Issues

The Legend of Dragoon, an emulated version of the PlayStation classic made accessible on the PlayStation 4 and 5 for PlayStation Plus Premium members last week, has received a patch to address several issues that, in the opinion of enthusiasts, made the game unplayable.

JRPG enthusiasts were disappointed to find several game-breaking flaws when they attempted to play The Legend of Dragoon for the first time in over 20 years.

The turn-based JRPG, The Legend of Dragoon, was created by Japan Studio, a first-party PlayStation developer that has created some of the most important games ever, including PaRappa the Rapper, Gravity Rush, and the illustrious Shadow of the Colossus. The Legend of Dragoon was initially released by Japan Studio in December 1999 for the Japanese market before being made available in the US in 2001.

Legend of Dragoon Patch Notes
Legend of Dragoon Patch Notes

Even while The Legend of Dragoon never entirely managed to attract a sizable audience, it managed to amass a small but devoted fan base eagerly awaiting a legitimate means to play the game on their contemporary PlayStation consoles. That wish was fulfilled recently with the launch of PlayStation Plus Premium, but technical difficulties marred the experience.

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Independent video game journalist Stephanie DeCleene, known on Twitter as @TheGothDraoon, downloaded and tested the version 1.02 update available today. Stephanie reports via tweet that the game no longer ignores gamepad inputs, which would soft-lock the game and make it unplayable. Dragoon magic was one of the primary sources of the port’s most devastating bug.

The Legend of Dragoon fans who have been eagerly awaiting its return since rumors first surfaced in 2020 has also detailed several other bugs that made for a frustrating gameplay experience, such as character dialogue not playing during battle scenes, strange blue lines surrounding background art assets, unreadable on-screen text, and the rewind feature crashing the game.

Fans of The Legend of Dragoon on Reddit claim significant improvements following the patch after compiling an extensive list of essential and minor defects that have plagued the game since its release.

Rewind and the Dragoon magic soft lock problems might combine to create an incredibly annoying problem. Gamers can come across a scenario where employing Dragoon magic soft-locked the game and then trying to choose a different attack by using the rewind tool caused the game to crash.

The player would have had to restart the game after the soft lock. Thus, a crash would likely be both a blessing and a curse. Although it is unknown whether the update fixes all of the port’s flaws, several players who have installed the 1.02 patch and reported their experiences on Twitter say there have been technological advancements.

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The PS Plus Premium Classics section of the PlayStation Shop now has The Legend of Dragoon available.

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