The Last of Us Part 2 a Ghost Bird is Spooking the Players

The Last of Us Part 2: Even at its most tame, The Last of Us Part 2 is an unsettling experience. There are many potential dangers in the world, both Clickers and humans. And now there’s something else to keep an eye out for; players of The Last of Us 2 are feeling uneasy after discovering a mysterious bird that only appears in one location.

First posted by user u/GoldieLocks1643 to The Last of Us subreddit, the video depicts the moment in the game when numerous enemies swoop down and attack you at the workbench. The moment a phantom bird flies out of one of the dead foes has been captured by uGoldieLocks1643, leaving the player confused and seemingly considering the possibility of an afterlife.

The Last of Us Part 2
The Last of Us Part 2

Due to its extreme rarity, most of this video’s viewers do not understand what they are witnessing. Before we go into the possibility of a mod, there are at least two more sightings of this bird in the same room: a YouTube video from just a few weeks ago and a post on.

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The Last of Us wiki from April of this year. Unsettling stuff. It’s probably just a unique visual design flaw few people have seen. It flies away if we’re being realistic.

It’s more likely that the bird’s ethereal look is intentional, given that it’s designed to be seen from a great height rather than in a cozy living room. Or, it may be an Eye of Odin that has somehow made its way into The Last of Us Part 2, which Ellie will need to shoot with an assault rifle.

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