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The land mine press is an exercise in which one end of a barbell is pressed at an angle, while the other end is attached to a special land mine arrangement or the corner of a wall.

Landmine Press is a great move to the shoulders, chest, tricepsand core while reducing stress and tension, which is very beneficial for many people. But it is also an exercise that can be used to improve overall fitness and all different types of people, from athletes to the average athlete, can benefit from it. Moreover, it also teaches some important movement principles.

So let’s talk to you in the land mine press and we hope that at the end of it you will try to give it a try or add it to your routine regularly.

How to do the Landmine Press

This is a fairly simple exercise that anyone can do safely and effectively. And there can be different ways to execute the movement, but we break down the basics in a step-by-step process …

Note: you can use one or two hands for this exercise and if you find it easier, start with the end of the bar on a bench.

Two-armed variation

Step 1: Lift the bar all the way to chest height and grasp the end with two hands (one on the other or interlocking) and take a hip width, but twist your body a little into the bar instead of fully straight to stand for better stability.

Step 2: Hold your core and elbows at 45 degrees to your torso, push the weight up until your arms are fully extended while you lean slightly forward in the motion to create full shoulder rotation.

Then slowly return to the starting position.

Full shoulder rotation and extension are important to get the full benefit of this movement and leaning forward during the press is essential to prevent back extension (especially with heavier poundages) that you do not want. You also do not want to bring the elbows behind the body, but simply to the trunk in the starting position.

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Variation with one arm

Step 1: Raise the bar to chest level while holding the end with one hand in a pressure position and assume a divided posture or hip width. For example, if you press with your left arm, place your right leg at the front and left leg at the rear.

Step 2: Press the bar until your arm is fully extended while you lean slightly forward to get full shoulder rotation.

Step 3: Slowly bring the bar down until your elbows just reach the side of your torso and repeat.

The technique should be comparable to the variation with one arm with a hip width, but you want a very slight rotation of the trunk with the split position to maximize the arm extension.

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Benefits of the Landmine Press

The land mine press has several advantages that make it worthwhile, including hypertrophy and strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps, explosiveness, improved power output, unilateral function, core stability and scapular stabilization.

The variation with one arm improves unilateral function because you activate muscles, strength and function one side at a time. Unilateral training improves stability, balance and functional fitness, plus it is a great way to correct imbalances and prevent excessive use from one side. (1)

But you can really train your obliques and overall core because of the stabilization and light rotation and prevention of rotational forces during the eccentric (negative) part.

Not to mention training a muscle on one side of your body stimulates and improves strength in the same opposite side muscle through a neural action called muscle cross-education. For example, if you press with your left side, the muscles on your right are also stimulated.

This is excellent for facilitating rehabilitation in an area that is a major advantage over bilateral training (which affects both parties).

For core stability, your abdominal muscles and obliques are activated if you have to keep the bar balanced and on a relatively straight path.

And exercises that also involve pressing movements require sufficient scapular stability to maximize ball and foot function for optimum overhead pressing technology and function. That is why your arm and body position are so essential to perform this exercise effectively. You want the shoulder blades to retract against the shoulder blade during the start and the first part of the press to ensure that the shoulder moves as it should, followed by extension to finish the press.

But you do not want to retract your shoulder blades during the eccentric (negative) phase, as this prevents the arms from being fully extended forward.

The land mine press is also very good alternative for those who usually have shoulder pain during other urgent movements. If you place your elbows more in front of you, this is an effective way to eliminate shoulder discomfort, and it is an ideal way to press the slant bar with more force.

The land mine press is really an excellent exercise for everyone, regardless of the situation or purpose. It is a great addition to improving aesthetics and overall functionality that creates a large transfer to athletic and daily activities.

4 Landmine Press variations

We have described how we can implement the standard two-armed and one-armed version, so that we do not include it in the variations.

Half-kneeling one-armed Landmine Press

For this variation, kneel on one knee and place your other leg in front and press the bar with your other arm. You still want to ensure that you retain the same technique as described in the instructions above.

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Landmine Push Press

The printing press is a popular variant that is used for many standing press exercises. But the whole goal is to get some help from your lower body to handle heavier weight, which is very beneficial for making strength progress.

You can do this with one or two arms.

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Banded Landmine Press

You can choose tires instead of weight plates when you are looking for more resistance with this exercise.

So for this variation, you basically wrap one end of a strap around your foot or a base and the other around the end of the barbell. You will have constant resistance this way while you benefit from the benefits of strength and muscle building.

You can also place the strap around both feet in a hip width. You can also use the variant with one or two arms.

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Landmine Press and Catch

This variation basically means that the bar is alternately pushed back and forth or with the same hand. You can even use a little push of the legs for this variation.

You can also kneel this variation or even do it with two hands.

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Best use for the Landmine Press

Hypertrophy and strength

You can add a fair amount of weight to the bar, making it a great way to build muscle and strength. Now you may not want to train with ultra-heavy loads, because you still have to maintain a safe posture. However, advanced lifters will know how to better program this movement in their training while using maximum poundages.

Try to keep 6-12 repetitions within a good range of hypertrophy and strength building.

Function / athletics

The land mine press can be used to improve not only stability and a better pressure movement, but you can too train explosively for athletics and overall power improvement, since the land mine press has this type of functional transfer.

So you can train with light to moderate loads and work effectively on your speed / explosiveness.

The functional aspect of having to stabilize, balance, and engage your core is beneficial for maintaining optimum whole body performance during weight training in general, plus daily activities.

Even the elderly can benefit greatly from the land mine press because it greatly helps with physical activities.

Final thoughts

The land mine press is an exercise that you will certainly appreciate to include in your urgent training.

It will explode your upper body muscles and the benefits go beyond aesthetics and strength. You improve full body function and possibly reduce stress and stress, usually with other similar exercises.

So try it out and add some variations to confuse your training and even make some profit in the process.

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