Kakegurui Twin Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer And More!

Kakegurui Twin is a fresh new Anime series slated to premiere on Netflix later this week, based on the manga created by Homura Kawamoto. The program is both a spin-off and a prequel to Kakegurui-Compulsive Gambler, a live-action web series that aired on Amazon Prime from March to April 2021. Kakegurui’s manga began publication in 2015 and is presently in its 12th volume.

Seeing the success of the manga series, the authors decided to make an anime version of Kakegurui. The anime adaption was eventually formally approved in November 2021. It was also formally confirmed that MAPPA, known for classics like as Jujutsu Kiasen, Dorohedoro, Dororo, and many more, will be animating the program.

Kakegurui Twin Storyline

The anime series Kakegurui is based on the manga of the same name, which was produced by Homura Kawamoto and drawn by Tru Naomura. Kakegurui is a Japanese animated series. This anime television series’ animation is handled by MAPPA. From July through September of 2017, it was shown on Tokyo MX, MBS, and other channels. Kakegurui has had two seasons thus far.

Between July 1 and September 23, 2017, the first season of Kakegurui aired on a number of networks, including Tokyo MX, MBS, and others. Collider gave the Netflix anime series’ first season a bad review, but noted that it was aimed towards gamblers and individuals who appreciated sexualized characters.

Kakegurui Twin
Kakegurui Twin


The release of Kakegurui season 2 in Japan in January 2019 was announced in August of last year. Kakegurui’s second season aired from January 8 to March 26, 2019. The crew and actors both returned for the second season. Kiyoshi Matsuda co-directed the second season with Yuichiro Hayashi.

Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, is the subject of the anime series Kakegurui, which is based on the manga title Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. At the same time, Kakegurui will follow Yumeko’s narrative, while Kakegurui Twin will follow Mary Satome, Yumeko’s buddy.

The events of the Kakegurui Twin take place a year before the events of the first Kakegurui episode. It’s a prequel series and a spin-off that anime fans usually receive, and it gives additional background about Mary and explains why her behavior was so disgusting in episode 1.

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Kakegurui Twin Cast

The major characters and voice-over casts of Kakegurui Twin Season 1 are illustrated below:

  1. Mary Saotome’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Minami Tanaka
  2. Tsuzura Hanatemari’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Rina Honnizumi
  3. Yukimi Togakushi’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Yo Taichi
  4. Sachiko Juraku’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Yuko Kaida
  5. Mikura Sado’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Aoi Koga
  6. Aoi Mibuomi’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Seiichiro Yamashita
  7. Sakura Miharutaki’s voice dubbed in Japanese by Rie Takahashi

Kakegurui Twin Trailer

Yes, Netflix has already published the teaser for Kakegurui Twin Season 1. Tsuzura Hanatemari discusses the gambling-based hierarchical system of Hyakkao Private Academy at the start of the video. This method bases a student’s social rank on their relative amount of gambling success. The Kakegurui Twin Season 1 trailer may be seen just below:

Kakegurui Twin Release Date

The Kakegurui  anime has been released  on Netflix on August 4, 2022.