Justin Bieber Docuseries - YouTube Post for Over $ 20 Million - Variety

Justin Bieber is planning a big 2020, announcing a new single and documentary series “Justin Bieber: Seasons”, which will premiere on January 27 on YouTube. The premiere of the 10-part series will be weekly, on Mondays and Wednesdays – each series, each of which cost the video streaming giant over $ 2 million each, according to insiders familiar with the terms of the deal. Overall, the competition for The Four Seasons led to an increase in value to $ 20 million, at the level of a recent deal with Billy Eilish made with Apple, sources said Variety ranged from $ 20 to $ 25 million, and Beyoncé with Netflix reported by Variety. be in the range of 30 million dollars. Seasons is considered the most expensive YouTube acquisition to date.

Previous work with original YouTube content in the music space includes documentaries such as “How to Be: Mark Ronson,” “Ariana Grande: The Dangerous Woman’s Diaries,” and “Demi Lovato: Just Hard,” as well as the recent video rendition of “Coldplay: Everyday.” Life – live in Jordan. “

Variety turned to YouTube for comment.

Announcing the series, Suzanne Daniels, head of YouTube’s original content around the world, noted that Bieber’s “inspiring story” and “courage as an artist” brought the company to the project. “The YouTube Originals,” she added, “[aims to] highlight genuine struggle and real victories.”

Bieber’s personal struggles have been well documented. The idol of a teenager who grew in the spotlight, his fame coincided with the growth of social networks that strengthened his every movement, good and bad. Tonight, before the ball falls at midnight, the ABC premiere of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rock and Roll with Ryan Seacrest 2020 will be screened. The clip includes a special message from Bieber.

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The Seasons trailer, released today, talks about some of the document’s participants – each episode lasts a little over 10 minutes – including his wife Haley Bieber and managers of Scooter Brown and Allison Kaye. The process of creating a new album, its first in four years, is also the focus of the series.

Bieber’s joining YouTube is a logical partnership, as he is currently the most signed artist on the platform with 47.8 million subscribers and has six videos in his canon with over a billion views. In total, Bieber’s official YouTube channel has over 19 billion views.

“When I first started, YouTube provided me with a platform and community where I could share music, experiences and moments with my fans,” said the star, first discovered through home videos shot by his mother as a child.

“Justin Bieber: Seasons” – director and executive producer of OBB Pictures ’Michael D. Ratner; The documentary was produced by Bieber Time Films, SB Projects and OBB Pictures. Bieber is an executive producer along with Scooter Brown, Allison Kay and Scott Manson, who are executive producers of SB Projects. Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner and Kfir Goldberg are executive producers of OBB Pictures. Photographer Joe Termini is preparing to shoot additional episodes.

Regarding YouTube Originals, in addition to Daniels, Alex Piper, head of scripting, and Kara Casey, head of development, will oversee Justin Bieber: Seasons.