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J.K. Ohio State Buckeyes Dobbins

JK Dobbins has been dominant for Ohio State football for three seasons, from missing Mike Weber in his true freshman season to eliminating the Clemson Tigers defense on numerous occasions in the College Football Playoff. The Dobbins have the creations of a legitimate workhorse back to the next level, presenting ample size, vision, speed, and receiving ability. Dobbins’ disillusionment was not noticed, as whispers of a potential first-round draft grade began to build for OSU running.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller is relatively high on JK Dobbins. Only D’Andre Swift and Jonathan Taylor lead Swift in Miller’s latest 2020 NFL Draft Big Board in Miller.

WalterFootball currently ranks Dobbins as RB4 in their running back position rankings for the 2020 NFL Draft. They have the OSU RB currently expected to be the second to third-round draft pick. WalterFootball has said this about Dobbins as a draft prospect

“He’s a solid runner for the State of Ohio, demonstrating the start-up ability for the NFL with size, strength, ability to run through contact, and the speed to lose running pieces.”

Outside of any “internet scout,” NFLMocks.com could be Ohio State’s top star. As the Dobbins ceiling questions the NFL, NFLMocks sees the potential of the superstar running.

“This season, Dobbins has shown off his explosive skill set always. He’s an incredibly talented running back prospect with tremendous upside to the next level. On top of that, his ability making a difference as a runner and a receiver gives him a perfect fit for the modern NFL. “

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The profile of JK Dobbins’ NFL Draft

Advantages: Dobbins, listed at a generous 5’10, “is dense and strong, with a low center of gravity. He runs behind his pads, while showing quick feet in the hole. He has a plus- vision, and was able to cut back on defenses when he hit the second level. Despite his massive frame, he had a surprising speed, evidenced by his breakaway merchandise running the Fiesta Bowl. he had a soft hand, hit the ball effortlessly, and was effective after the catch.

Cons: Weight has been a worry at times for Dobbins, most notably in 2018. The running back saw a major dip in production a while ago, losing his grip on the lead back gig at Ohio State, and essentially worked one time in shares. He was hit hard and lacked the elite twitchness / athleticism that some of the other top backers in the class had.

Draft Planning: Late 1st Round to Early 2nd Round

JK Dobbins is a bowling ball of a man, with surprising speed. He has the plot and the receiving ability to be a return to the NFL. The downside to Dobbins as a prospect is that his ceiling could be lower than you would expect from an early stage running back. With that said, he is doing everything right, and one person’s team can trust to carry the load. His build and character are a close-up of the image of a young Doug Martin, with Ray Rice appearing in Rutger.

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