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Many men see a clear hairline as an important part of their image, and Boston Celtics quarterback Jason Tatum believes he is the best at the NBA.

Over the years, several impressive hailings have graced the league, including former Celtics star Kirie Irving, Freddie VanVlith, Paul George, and Jalen Rose. Attributes required for qualification include natural length, clean cut and overall style (fading / wave).

Recently, Tatum was asked to vote for the best hair line in the NBA. Although he admitted that he needed a composition, he chose:

“Jalen (Rose) doesn’t count because he doesn’t play anymore,” Tatum said through Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe. “But if you ask me, I will tell me.

“I need a haircut now. I am going to get one soon.

A good growth line and that’s all, Tatum and Celtics will start well this season, which may confirm their record of 22-8. The former general choice No. 3 made 30 appearances in this campaign, gaining an average of 21.2 points with 42.0% shooting from the field (35.9% outside the arc), 7.0 rebounds, 2.9 assists, 1.3 interceptions and a little less than one block (0.8) in 34.1 minutes in one walk.

The Celtics – winners in five of their last six games – will return to battle on Tuesday when they meet with the Hornets in Charlotte. Holidays inside the Spectrum Center is set at 15:00. ET.

As an interesting note, Celtics supporter Kemba Walker will meet with his former team. The former distinguished University of Connecticut spent eight seasons in Charlotte, earning three All Star selections.