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Washington Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas said that, in his opinion, the difference between the time spent with the Boston Celtics and Kirie Irving. While he was on the team, Thomas felt that each player loved each other. Meanwhile, when Irving boarded, Thomas noticed that the Celtics squad did not necessarily have the same chemical composition.

“When I was there, it seemed like a team atmosphere, and everyone loved each other,” Thomas said in an interview with Stefan Bondi of the New York Daily News. “From watching from afar – which I always follow the Celtics because I have friends and am close to the coaching staff – it just doesn’t seem like they like to play with each other. It is just outside, looking inward.

“If I compared the two, that’s what it is – I feel like we enjoyed playing with each other, and when viewed from the side, it didn’t look like they liked to play with each other.”

Thomas repeated the observation of different people during Irving’s stay in Boston. When the NBA champion joined them in 2017, they were immediately recognized as legitimate applicants for the title.

In the end, they had many veterans and a strong young core. Irving, given his wealth of experience and general prowess, was supposed to lead the Celtics to the fight for the title.

But during the season, it turned out that the Celtics with Irving at the helm were not as good as advertised. NBA insiders showed that the team lacked chemistry outside the venue, and this affected their performances on the venue.

As a team leader, Irving was blamed and criticized.