Is Wild Hearts Included in Xbox Game Pass Subscription?

Wild Hearts, an upcoming action role-playing game developed and published by EA, has garnered a lot of interest due to the positive reception it has received for its innovative combination of stunning aesthetics and engaging gameplay.

Despite the fact that many have drawn comparisons to the Monster Hunter series, it appears that this beast-slaying creation has its own unique aspects. As the game is now out, many are wondering if they can get it through the Game Pass subscription programme. Here is everything else you need to know about it.

Is Wild Hearts on Xbox Game Pass
Is Wild Hearts on Xbox Game Pass

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Is Wild Hearts on Xbox Game Pass?

As Wild Hearts isn’t an Xbox exclusive, Microsoft has decided not to include the whole game in Xbox Game Pass at launch. If you want to jump right into the action RPG, your only options are to buy it on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S or download it onto your computer.

Also, as an EA game, Wild Hearts will be made available via the EA Play app. Remember that the only way to play it for free is to sign up for the premium EA Play Pro programme.

As an Electronic Arts game, Wild Hearts will also be made available via the EA Play app. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to play it for free, you’ll need to sign up for EA’s more expensive EA Play Pro programme.

Only Xbox-exclusive games, like Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, are given first access to the Game Pass service. Still, similar games like Monster Hunter Rising have made their way to the platform, so it’s possible that it will be featured with the subscription service in the future as well.

Console gamers of previous generations are equally dismayed by the game’s lack of availability on PS4 and Xbox One. In a similar vein, the Switch wasn’t included in the list of supported platforms, which disappointed Nintendo’s core audience.

Yet it’s important to note that the reason Omega Force isn’t available on these platforms is that it makes extensive use of modern computers’ graphical capabilities, which makes it incompatible with older ones.