Iron Banner in Destiny 2: This Game Players Find New Way to Grind by Throwing Games!

Iron Banner in Destiny 2: A sequel to the massive Hakke emblem win trading scandal in Destiny 2 has emerged. Although slightly less intriguing than the once-famous “throw the game” symbol. Iron Banner is here, and this time the games being played require less signaling and more just…organized apathy.

Exactly how did we end up in this situation? Current events in Destiny 2 are as follows: Iron Banner’s second reputation reset contains a shader of exceptional quality. The shader transforms any fabric into chainmail, making it one of the most interesting I’ve seen in the game.

The problem is that it takes a ridiculous number of games (60-80, give or take, depending on how often you win and lose and whether or not you’ve maxed out your reputation multipliers) to advance from rank 1 to rank 16 in the second reset.

At maximum multipliers, wins in Iron Banner award around 300 reputations, while losses award only 220.

Iron Banner in Destiny 2
Iron Banner in Destiny 2

Because of this, it has been determined that two quick mercy losses, which can take maybe 3-4 minutes, will give you 440 reputations, while a game that goes the full nine minutes will give you only 300 reputations, regardless of who wins.

When you lose, you only get 220. Therefore, players have figured out that the quickest way to farm rep and finally unlock that shader is to work together to lose as quickly as possible, typically after a few minutes with a score of 65-0.

It’s also the more tedious route, but it’s hard to beat when it comes to making the most of your time. Therefore, there are now LFG groups looking for five other players to throw games by doing nothing.

Laughing and running around after the turret has dropped, hoping to avoid being reported as AFK and losing the game to the other team.

Several issues are brought to light by this. The first is that people would rather do this than actually…play the mode because the current grind is so tedious and time-consuming.

Second, there is no real way to stop it from happening. There are far more legitimate mercy losses than there are illegitimate ones and those who still want their rep for at least trying should not be penalized for losing and should still be given it.

I don’t see a simple solution, and I don’t think there even needs to be one. Sure, if you want to put in the time and effort required to play thrown games over and over again until you reach the required 19,000 total rep for the shader, have at it. If their rival team manages to complete the 300-meter dash faster, neither team really loses.

Iron Banner has been shortened to only two weeks, which is at least one week too few for the amount of grinding it requires, be it for weapon rolls, a full armor set, or the emblem and shader hidden in the second reset.

Even without knowing exactly when the second week will be, players are already worried that they won’t be able to play because of other commitments.

I’m in the midst of this rat race too, but I’m not playing any games. The old-fashioned way, I’m zoning out, hipfiring DMT, and accumulating my losses. Getting there fast now. In my opinion, tomorrow should be the day for shading.

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