Unleash the Power of Unsend and Action Mode with the new iPhone 14!

iPhone 14: On Monday, Apple uploaded two brand new iPhone 14 commercials to its official YouTube channel. One of them features the new Action Mode for videos, while the other advertises Unsend iMessage, a feature added to every iPhone with iOS 16.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

New iPhone 14 ads

The first clip showcases the iPhone 14‘s Action Mode, which records ultra-stable footage with its wide-angle lens. When in action mode, even a shaky camera produces steady footage. iPhone 14 is here, Apple says. Action Mode is included with every iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, but not with older iPhone models.

The second ad, titled “R.I.P. Leon,” promotes the Unsend iMessage function introduced in iOS 16. In just 30 seconds, the video humorously demonstrates how users can avoid social faux pas by erasing iMessages that were sent to both parties.

Remove and change sent messages. “It's an iPhone, so you can chill out,” the firm says. Keep in mind that while Apple is advertising Unsend iMessage for the iPhone 14, the feature is actually available for any iPhone model that can run iOS 16. It's also compatible with iPads running iOS 16.

Interestingly, at least for the time being, most advertisements focus on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus but not the Pro models. Shortly after the September announcement, Apple released the only ads for the iPhone 14 Pro, both of which demonstrated the functionality of the Crash Detection and Dynamic Island features.

How to use iPhone Action mode

It was pointed out in our review of the iPhone 14 how little had changed for the newest Apple blower. While the iPhone 12 got a new look, the iPhone 13 brought us longer battery life and brighter displays.

Despite this, the iPhone 14's base model didn't deviate terribly much from previous iterations. While the Pro and Pro Max did away with Apple's iPhone notch in favour of the Dynamic Island (which we discuss in detail here), the extra features didn't come close to offsetting the nearly £850 price tag of the base model 14.

Except maybe for this brand new mode on the iPhone, Action mode. Has your video ever been ruined due to your shaky hands? With the help of Action Mode, which is built to simulate image stabilisation, you can rectify the situation.

This could be a bad thing, but it means the blurry pictures from Saturday night will be clear and sharp. However, our helpful guide to switching to Action mode will help you get much steadier shots.

The process of getting combat-ready is ridiculously simple. Launch the built-in camera app, select “Video,” and tap the “Running Person” icon to activate Action mode on an iPhone.

By default, activating “Action Mode” will change the camera's lens to an ultra-wide angle one, but you can manually change it to a more standard focal length and resolution, up to 1080p HD or 2.8K, if you so choose.

According to Apple's announcement commercial, you can film your charity skydive without any problems using the new Action mode.

However, there are some caveats to consider when filming choppy scenes. Taking 360-degree shots of a stationary subject or switching between cameras during a single take is both easy and effective.

However, if both the camera and the subject are moving, it may be difficult for the camera to lock onto the subject. In addition to reducing your 4K footage to a more manageable size, Action Mode does not replace the need for an external gimbal.

However, Action mode is fantastic, as no one wants to lug one of those around. There's some getting used to involved.

Light, or the lack thereof, is a problem in action mode. In the case of indoor filming, this is especially important to remember.

The screen will display the message “More Light Required Message” if the room is too dark. That doesn't mean you won't be able to use Action mode inside; it just means the picture might not be as sharp as usual.

That, however, can be adjusted by going to the Settings menu, then to Camera, then to Record Video, and finally to the ‘Action Mode Lower Light' option. The special effect will smooth out what is otherwise likely to be a very grainy video, but you should not expect Spielberg level quality.

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