iOS 16 Public Beta Features Revealed

A public beta of iOS 16, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone update, is now accessible. This entails that, prior to its general release in the fall, you can download the operating system to test out all of its new features on a compatible iPhone. Even though the program is still in development and a lot could change before it is made available to the general public, there are a lot of updates centered on personalization, communication, and privacy, including adjustments to your iPhone’s lock screen, Wallet app, and Messages app. In addition, there are a few less well-known features in iOS 16 that are interesting to explore.

iOS 16 should be made widely available in conjunction with the hotly anticipated iPhone 14, which was first shown off during the company’s annual WWDC keynote. iPhone 8 models and newer will be compatible with the new software.

You should be aware of every feature in iOS 16 listed below.

Edit and ‘Unsend’ Messages

Three of the most requested enhancements for the Messages app were unveiled by Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, who declared that embarrassing errors were a thing of the past.

The first feature is the ability to edit sent messages in iOS 16. Therefore, you will be able to modify the message if you discover a typo after it has been sent. In the status box underneath the message, a little “modified” shows.

You may immediately recall a message that has been sent, which may be my favorite new feature. If you mistakenly send an incomplete message, you can utilize the Undo Send function to stop it from being read and, perhaps, make it appear less disorganized to your loved ones.

Finally, you may flag threads and messages as unread. This might be a useful tool if you don’t have time to react to a message right away but want to make sure you do so later.

A New Customizable Lock Screen

The lock screen on your iPhone, particularly if it has Face ID, is one of the things you tend to glance at the most. The iPhone’s lock screen has undergone the most significant modification with iOS 16. Edit your lock screen by pressing and holding. Swiping will allow you to try out various looks. The background photo’s color filter and the font on the lock screen are both altered for each style, ensuring that everything blends together. This resembles Google’s Material You, which debuted with Android 12, in terms of how Apple has interpreted it.

Additionally, lock screen widgets like a calendar, activity rings, and temperature gauge can be added. The typefaces for the time and date can be changed. On the lock screen of the Apple Watch, the widgets are comparable to complexities.

You can also create many lock screens that are individually personalized with various widgets, and you can quickly swipe between them. A photo shuffle option is also available, which automatically switches the images on your lock screen.

We had thought Apple would include an always-on display as one of its features. Nearly all Android smartphones have it, and the Apple Watch also has it. One can hope for one in the iPhone 14 model.

Notifications And Live Activities

Because alerts can occasionally obscure the picture on your lock screen, iOS 16 relocates notifications to the bottom of your display. Instead of being arranged into a list as you receive them, they show as a vertical carousel. This should make using your iPhone with one hand more easier and improve the way it looks.

Another issue with notifications is something else that iOS 16 intends to fix. Sometimes a single app will send you a string of notifications, such as the result of a basketball match. Instead of receiving a constant stream of interruptions, a new tool for developers called Live Activities makes it simpler to keep on top of things happening in real-time from your lock screen.

It should be simpler to monitor athletic events, workouts, or even the development of an Uber ride thanks to Live Activities.

Skip CAPTCHAs Using Private Access Tokens

The Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, or CAPTCHA, has become an internet standard and a necessary evil. The purpose of CAPTCHAs is to confirm that a human, not a computer program, is the one using a website or service. They often require me to decipher oddly written letters or hunt through all the pictures of trucks, which is why I find them annoying. Apple intends to start using Private Access Tokens in iOS 16 to replace these unpleasant exchanges.

In accordance with a video on Apple’s website displaying Private Access Tokens, websites that accept the token will essentially let you log in and confirm that you are a real human being without requiring you to complete any of the standard CAPTCHA games. We cannot declare that the CAPTCHA will no longer exist after iOS 16 is made available to the general public because Apple claims in the video that the company is collaborating with other businesses to push out support for this functionality. However, if the idea is implemented, it might bring about some respite.

Wallet and Apple Pay Later

In addition to more security and privacy features, your Wallet app will also support ID cards from more states. Additionally, you can safeguard your identity and age using iOS 16. The Wallet app will therefore display your ID and the fact that you are over 21 rather than your precise birth date.

With apps like Mail and Messages, iOS 16 makes sharing keys simpler. Your friend can add the key to their iPhone’s Wallet app after they receive it. Apple stated that it is aiming to ensure that shared keys are a common practice and available to everyone.

With the addition of Apple Pay Later, a service akin to Klarna that allows you to divide the amount of an Apple Pay transaction into four equal installments over the course of six weeks with no interest or penalties, Apple Pay will support new payment kinds. The Wallet app allows you to handle upcoming payments, making it simple to keep track of due dates and payments.

But Apple Pay goes further than that. You can now track Apple Pay orders thanks to a new feature that also enables retailers to send out thorough receipts and tracking data. The status of all of your orders should be easy to keep track of as a result.

Visual Lookup’s tap and drag for photos

With the help of your images, Visual Look Up in iOS 15 can recognize things like dogs, plants, and famous buildings. The advancement of this is made with iOS 16. You can remove a photo’s topic, like the puppy in the picture above, from the backdrop by touching it, and then upload it to programs like Messages. In essence, it’s a tap-and-hold tool that gets rid of the backdrop of a picture.

Although Apple occasionally overuses the phrase “magic,” this feature actually does.

SharePlay comes to Messages

With the new iOS 15 feature SharePlay, you may share an experience with a friend over FaceTime. You can do things like watch TV shows and listen to music simultaneously. With iOS 16, you can use FaceTime to find more apps that support SharePlay.

However, the fact that Apple made SharePlay work in the Messages app was arguably one of the coolest things they did for SharePlay. This was one of the top demands from app developers, according to Apple. You can now start SharePlay with a friend while conversing in Messages when you wish to watch a Disney Plus movie together.

Safety Check aims to help people in abusive relationships

A new function called Safety Check is designed to help those who are in violent situations. It enables you to review and change an iPhone’s passwords, messages, and other apps’ access rights to location data.

Focus mode updates and Focus filters

Updates to focus mode are numerous. The first incorporates Focus behaviors into lock screen appearances and widgets. As a result, you may set up two lock screens: one for work focus and the other for exercise.

With the addition of particular Focus filters, apps on your iPhone can now use the Focus mode. For instance, depending on the Focus mode that is selected, you can restrict the tabs that are displayed in Safari.

Apple Maps adds transit fare cards

Many updates will be made to the maps. Trips with up to 15 different stops along the way can be planned. You can share a trip you’ve started planning on your Mac to your iPhone using the Maps app.

The ability to view transit price predictions and top off a fare card from within Apple Maps is similar to what Google introduced for Google Wallet in Android 13.

iCloud family checklist

iCloud now has a number of new features. The possibility of swiftly setting up a new device for your youngster is one of the most intriguing ones. You can choose a user for the new device and activate all of the parental controls you’ve previously chosen and set up when Quick Start appears. But many of us still desire the option to create multiple users for a single device, not this.

A new family checklist is available that offers advice on how to update settings for your children as they become older, such as a reminder to check location-sharing options or share your iCloud Plus subscriptions.

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