Instagram Will Now Let You Share Videos As Reel

Today, Instagram said that new video postings that are under 15 minutes long would henceforth be published as Reels. Videos published before this transition won’t change to Reels; they’ll stay as videos. This modification is being made permanent by the corporation in the coming weeks after a few weeks of testing. Instagram claims that the adjustment is a component of its attempts to provide users with a more immersive and full-screen experience. Additionally, the business is combining the video and Reels tabs on users’ profiles into one to create a single location for all videos on the app.

With this modification, if your account is public and you upload a video that ends up being a Reel, anyone can find your Reel and utilize your original audio to produce their own Reel. Your Reel will only be available to your followers if your account is set to private. If your account is public, anyone who sees your Reel after you submit it can remix it. In contrast, you can disable remixing of your Reels in your account settings.

Due to potential difficulties, the change is likely to annoy some users. For instance, it could be challenging to publish a horizontal movie if it ends up in a vertical Reels format.

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But given that Instagram has been making hints about its intentions to make a video on the app simpler, the movie isn’t entirely surprising. When Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri outlined the business’s goals for 2022 last year, he claimed the firm would increase its investment in video and concentrate on Reels. He even made a suggestion that Instagram might center all of its short-form video products around Reels and continue to expand the service, suggesting that this change may have been intended all along.

Along with this modification, Instagram also disclosed that it would be introducing new tools for users to build and share Reels. The industry leader in social media is launching a brand-new “dual” feature that enables users to simultaneously record information and their response. The Dual function in the Instagram camera allows you to simultaneously film using the front and back cameras of your phone to provide a different viewpoint.

Updates to Instagram’s “Template” functionality for Reels are also now available. When users open the Reels camera, they can now explore a selection of themes and select one to use to construct their Reel, uploading both video and photographs. Users now have the option to create Reels utilizing the framework and audio of pre-existing Reels thanks to the company’s initial release of templates, which was made available last month.

Reels Remix, the company’s take on TikTok Duets, is also growing. In order to provide users the ability to add their own video commentary to pre-existing reels, Instagram is launching extended Remix layouts that give viewers a choice between a green screen, horizontal or vertical split-screen, or a picture-in-picture reaction view. Users can remix public photographs using the new “Remix for photos” option. Additionally, you may now upload your clip after the original reel so it plays sequentially, as opposed to having your remix show at the same time as the original reel.

The business claimed in a blog post that “We’re continually looking on ways to improve your Instagram experience.” We’ll keep creating features that make making and sharing reels on Instagram simpler and more enjoyable.

The adjustments occur at a time when Meta has placed significant wagers on Reels. The firm disclosed that Reels now account for more than 20% of the time that consumers spend on Instagram as part of its Q1 2022 earnings. Instagram could now probably brag about people spending even more time viewing Reels, so it’s no surprise that it wants to expand Reels even further by completely replacing video postings. During the release of its second-quarter earnings on July 27, Meta might present a revised figure for Reels engagement.

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