Instagram Denies Claims That Users Location Is Shared With Followers

Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri and social media staff have publicly denied rumors that their program tracks users’ locations and shares that information with anybody who requests it.

Instagram’s social media team and CEO Adam Mosseri have denied rumors that their app tracks location data and broadcasts that information to followers who have specifically requested it.

A viral post on Reddit stated that “a recent iOS upgrade” made it such that “others can now find your exact location using Instagram.” This was reported by GSM Arena. Because of this, a number of Instagram users have gone into the app’s settings and removed location access.

The Instagram Chat In response to the popular image, Twitter published an explanation of Instagram’s location data restrictions. They stated, “Users can control Location Services through their device’s settings and use geotags in their posts if they’re comfortable doing so.”

Instagram Refutes Claims
Instagram Refutes Claims

They continued the conversation in another tweet by saying, “Just so there’s no confusion, we don’t give out your precise location to anyone else. We use the precise location for things like location tags and map features just like other social media companies.”

Mosseri added that the location of a user’s device is what drives the location tag capabilities in Instagram, but that the program itself does not share a user’s location with others.

The best source of information isn’t necessarily a popular Instagram post; verifying its accuracy is essential. GSM Arena reports that the original post makes no mention of whether or not this location function is Instagram’s doing, instead referring to “a recent iOS upgrade” without any context.