Injustice 3 Release Date Prediction, Character, Story, And Leaks News

Players of the acclaimed Warner Bros. DC Comics fighter Injustice 2 were left with a number of questions that they hoped would be answered or resolved in the third installment of the series. Many fans are already wondering when they can get their hands on Injustice 3.

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Injustice 3: Release Date Prediction

No official release date can be set at this moment because Netherealm has not yet made an announcement about Injustice 3. To add further complexity, we still have no idea what the studio is working on behind the scenes at the present time.

Despite the fact that we have known since July 2021 that NeatherRealm Studios has been working on a new project, we still don’t know what that project involves. It may possibly be one of team red’s upcoming titles, given their recent collaboration with Marvel.

What’s more, we’re aware that NeatherRealm’s release timetable is usually consistent. The company typically unveils a new game every two years; had the COVID-19 Pandemic and the current troubles with the merger of Warner Brothers and Discovery not occurred, the unveiling might have already taken place.

As it stands, we’re still waiting, and we can probably expect the studio’s next project, whether it’s Injustice or something else, to be unveiled and released sometime in 2023.

Injustice 3 Characters

Which characters will make an appearance in Injustice 3 is yet unknown. One important consideration is Warner Bros. and its role in licensing the DC characters.

Injustice 2 has more than double the roster size of its predecessor, which included 30 playable heroes and villains. Since most NetherRealm games have between 30 and 40 playable characters, we may likely expect a number on par with that for this entry.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see familiar faces, new or old. Ares, Batgirl, Doomsday, and Shazam were all cut from Injustice 2 despite the game’s larger cast. Though these characters could return for Injustice 2, it’s probable that others won’t make the cut.

Injustice 3 Story

Despite considerable fan dispute, Batman’s ending appears to be the more reasonable (and hence canon) option. Inasmuch as there would be no one to oppose the Regime’s authority if we followed Superman’s conclusion, the story would be severely stunted.

Injustice 3
Injustice 3

The villainous Superman may have escaped from the Phantom Zone in Injustice 3. Alternatively, Doomsday might show up and speed things up. Doomsday’s fate in the Injustice universe is unknown as the last time we saw him he was being taken to the Phantom Zone.

Perhaps if Doomsday and Superman worked together, they could escape the pocket realm and set up a new Regime. Little has been revealed regarding the next Injustice game, and not even the comics have provided any hints about the future of the series.

Still, Injustice 3 promises to be a thrilling entry in the DC Heroes fighting game series. Please revisit this page frequently as we will be updating it with new information as it becomes available from the creators.

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Injustice 3 Leaks News

At this time, there have been no substantial rumors or leaks about Injustice 3 for fans to digest. On the other hand, in January of 2022, Jonathan Andersen, a senior production manager at NetherRealm, shared an image on Twitter that could have revealed information about a future Mortal Kombat game.

This suggests that the team is now focusing on developing a Mortal Kombat game rather than Injustice 3. Until we hear more about Injustice 3, though, it’s all just conjecture.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Injustice 3 going to come out?

In all likelihood, Mortal Kombat 12 will be the next release from the Chicago-based studio. This means that Injustice 3 won't be released until at least 2025 or 2026, and that's being generous.

What will be the plot of Injustice 3?

Story Mode in Injustice 3 is set ten years after the events of Injustice 2. In this situation, the Suicide Squad would not only "Kill the Justice League" in order to end Superman's crisis over Brainiac's invasion of Earth, but they would also stop Brainiac.

Will there be a beast boy in injustice 3?

Beast Boy and Terry McGinnis's Batman Beyond were both revealed to be playable in Injustice 3's leaked roster.