Immortality, An Xbox Game Pass Title, Innovates With Heavy Rain-like Choices

Immortality, a mystery game about the disappearance of a vanished indie movie star, adds fascinating new gaming features to Xbox Game Pass.

Based on the developer’s previous titles Telling Lies and Her Story, Sam Barlow is working on a new first-person-viewer game for Xbox Game Pass later this year called Immortality, which will feature an intriguing new gameplay twist that is an improvement on the typical Heavy Rain-like choices this style of game has implemented in the past.

In Immortality, players are tasked with analyzing the footage from three movies that span three distinct eras of filmmaking in order to piece together the mysterious disappearance of fictional actress Marissa Marcel, who hasn’t been seen onscreen since 1999. Players will have to watch the film’s footage in an effort to figure out what happened to the actress, and the game will incorporate an intriguing new gameplay concept to up the ante.

Through a “match cut” function, players can navigate between the three films by highlighting specific components in one film and then using that to quickly access those same elements in the other two films. In the trailer for one film, for instance, there is a cross that may be used to access another and begin searching for other hints.

Immortality, An Xbox Game Pass Title
Immortality, An Xbox Game Pass Title

It’s a fascinating mechanic that greatly expands the ways in which players can alter the story in FMV games, which have traditionally relied on player choices a la Heavy Rain. It’s much closer in spirit to a mystery game like Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn, in which players had to pay close attention to details and piece together clues from the surrounding context to solve the case.

While Sam Barlow’s past works have experimented with the idea of selecting files and looking for information related to movies, this is the most ambitious move yet, and it illustrates how serious Barlow and co-developers Half Mermaid are to getting the most out of the FMV game format.

Given that Xbox One compatibility has not been revealed, this is a welcome addition for anyone who own an Xbox Series X|S machine, and it appears to be a game that makes excellent use of the hardware’s processing capacity. Players who can’t wait to get their hands on it should check the Xbox Game Pass list regularly.