Chris Boswell, Steelers

When Urban Meyer announced his retirement from Ohio in December last year, a collective sigh sounded in college football. But in the same spirit there was a crowd that knew better. Meyer is too smart as a football mind to throw him aside. He loves to win more than anything else.

Summing up in 2019, Meyer’s name surfaced in connection with the work of the USC head coach for trojans, but now this, of course, is outdated. But recently, Meyer’s name has sparked speculation regarding training at the NFL, especially with the Dallas Cowboys.

Due to Urban Meyer’s triumphant pedigree, it’s easy to see why it will be a hot topic for NFL training. He is a trainer on this factor and will immediately provide the NFL franchise with stellar power. However, with his position in the hearts and minds of football fans, it would be better for Meyer to stay away from the work of the head coach.

Meyer enjoyed one of the most productive careers in college football history. In terms of victories and how he builds programs, there weren’t many. However, he left his jobs in Florida and Ohio in a mess. The scandal and the way he behaved in the locker rooms interfered with his reputation as a qualified cultural specialist, and both terms had a negative impact on his health. ESPN believes Meyer is just the 46th greatest college football coach of all time.

Jumping into the top coaching ranks of the NFL will only add to the microscope. If Meyer takes over the NFL head coach, then the responsibility for him, if the team was unsuccessful, rests with him. For someone who may have a spoiled representative forever, the risk is too great.

If Meyer wants to train again, then the coordinator’s abusive work will be enough. OC’s work will still bring serious pressure and demands, but it will allow Meyer to focus only on the development of crime.

The NFL has far fewer nannies compared to college. However, with his reputation as a coach who wins at all costs, who knows how Meyer will cope with the bad behavior of adult men. And honestly, this is not what he would like to know.

Being an offensive coordinator will also be less burdensome due to his health problems. Meyer left Florida due to heart problems, and Ohio due to brain cysts that he struggled with for years. If the crime does not match the efforts Meyer wants, he can fix it in the cinema.

Like OC, he does not have to worry about his players doing the right thing outside the complex. His coach skills are centered around offensive tactics, strategy, development and team motivation in big games. He must adhere to work that will help him physically, but, more importantly, work that will keep his name out of the press.

Ultimately, Urban Meyer will choose a coaching job that matches his stellar strength. The Cowboys Marriage looks great on paper. However, if he just wants to train, develop the players and the offensive system in the NFL, then he should think twice about accepting any job as head coach. His reputation and health cannot afford another blow.