IBM’s Red Hat Names Matt Hicks President And CEO

Open source solution provider Red Hat has confirmed that Matt Hicks has been named president and chief executive officer. Paul Cormier, who will serve as Red Hat’s vice president, succeeds Hicks, who previously served as the company’s executive vice president for Products and Technologies. Hicks joined the company in 2006 as an IT team developer after being well-known for being a hands-on manager within Red Hat. He quickly rose through positions of authority throughout the organization, allowing Red Hat to establish itself as a miser on the subject of open hybrid cloud technology. The most striking fact was that Hicks was a fundamental member of the technical team that developed Red Hat OpenShift, which has evolved into the go-to solution for hybrid cloud implementations across numerous industries and now serves as the standard Kubernetes platform for businesses. Since then, he has paved the way for Red Hat’s product strategy and hybrid cloud computing.

In his capacity as executive vice president of Products and Technologies, Hicks was accountable for Red Hat’s entire product strategy and engineering. Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud strategy and portfolio are specifically designed under Hicks’ leadership to assist clients with the development, implementation, and management of any application, globally, ranging from on-premises environments to multiple clouds and out to the edge. This includes providing new managed cloud services that aid customers in the development of cloud-native applications, new opportunities for AI advancement, product variants that enable edge use-cases, and new security measures for hybrid cloud environments. The IT industry’s innovation engine is open-source software. With more than 25 years of experience using Linux, a background in computer science, industry knowledge, and practical insight, Hicks is well-known for his work with clients and partners to advance open source innovation for the next generation of IT-related developments, according to Red Hat.

Cormier, who was named president and CEO in 2020, has been with Red Hat for 21 years. During that time, he has been heavily involved in the company’s open hybrid cloud strategy and has played a significant role in the expansion of Red Hat’s portfolio into a comprehensive, modern IT stack built on open source innovation. His efforts to change Red Hat Linux from a free, downloadable gesturing system to an abonnements-based version with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) were crucial at this time. His leadership made Red Hat a market leader and opened the door for the open innovation that forms the core of the hybrid cloud and modern IT. RHEL is currently the industry-standard Linux platform for businesses, is used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies, and is expected to generate $13 billion in worldwide business revenues by 2022. Red Hat is defining the future of enterprise IT using RHEL as the foundation for an open hybrid cloud.

For a significant portion of the industry, Cormier was the visionary behind an open hybrid cloud that gave customers the flexibility to deliver every app, across every infrastructure, from the edge and bare metal to multiple open bars clouds, in a more standardized, reliable manner. As a consultant, he will continue to be engaged in helping clients bring their vision to life. Cormier will serve as Red Hat’s most important advisor and strategic toes teen in his new role.

His focus will continue to be on growing the business and spreading the acceptance of clients using open source technology to build an open hybrid cloud architecture. After overseeing more than 26 acquisitions at Red Hat, Cormier will once again collaborate with the company’s leadership on its upcoming M&A strategy. Since Red Hat was acquired by IBM in 2019, Cormier has played a significant role in the development and deployment of Red Hat, while maintaining the company’s market leadership. He will continue to collaborate with IBM President and CEO Arvind Krishna in this role. Both Cormier and Hicks must report to Krishna.

Red Hat’s president and CEO, Matt Hicks, said: “When I started working for Red Hat, I was passionate about open source and our mission, and I wanted to contribute in some way. I feel motivated and energized to go into this role at this time. De kansen voor Red Hat zijn enorm and er is nog niet zo’n opwindende tijd geweest om in onze branche te zijn. I’m prepared to strenuously assert that open source technology truly can unleash the world’s potential.

Matt is the epitome of a true Red Hatter and is unquestionably the right person to fill this position, according to Paul Cormier, vice president of Red Hat. His experience in several areas of our business has given him deep and extensive knowledge about how we can work together to advance and maintain the open hybrid cloud leader. He understands our product strategy and the trends that the industry is following in an unanticipated way. I’m excited to work with our clients, partners, and Matt freshly as the vice president. My future focus will be on assisting clients in fostering innovation through the use of a hybrid cloud platform built on open-source technology. The innovation debates have been won by open source technology, and Red Hat will be present when the future is built on this technology as well.

Arvind Krishna, Chairman, and CEO of IBM stated that Red Hat serves as the cornerstone of many customers’ IT strategies due to its open source and hybrid cloud capabilities. While Red Hat continues to expand and develop cutting-edge, open-source software, Matt’s extensive experience and technical knowledge of the company’s entire portfolio make him the ideal manager.

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