How to remove Glance from lock screen? Read this before you disable Glance.

Why do you want to remove Glance from lock screen? Don’t you want to watch entertaining live shows with celebs & creators, entertaining short & long videos, or play more than 500 games without even installing a single game on your phone? Glance is the best lock screen feature which can become your single stop entertainment center, where you can get entertainment hassle free through live shows, games and different types of contents.

Still want to remove Glance from lock screen?

Glance lock screen is a synthesis of the ideal LIVE experiences that will keep you informed, interested,. Every time you lock your device, a feature that highlights dynamic wallpaper is displayed, along with technology that uses a variety of strategies to bring you the newest information on fashion, shopping, and gaming LIVE as it happens.

Glance offers a practical, adaptable, and time-saving utility to its more than 220 million users worldwide, including 190 million in India.

Glance lock screen has transformed how smartphones deliver information to people, with over 400 million devices in Asia. The experience is a major trend that is altering how consumers interact with smartphones and process information.

Here are ten reasons why you should not disable Glance from Lock screen:

1. Glance lock screen on your phone is one of my absolute favorites because it provides LIVE entertainment, such as shopping and gaming, without requiring you to download additional apps.

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2. It provides all the latest information and news from the world over and can be filtered to accommodate your taste and choices.

3. The content on Glance is extensive and can be tailored to your local language to provide you with the information that makes you the happiest.

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4. Every time we use our smartphone, it becomes more appealing. Every time you look at the phone, a smile is plastered across your face thanks to the visual changes that make the device more appealing.

5. It is simple to use and comprehend.

6. The Glance lock screen has simplified information access, speeding up the process overall.

7. You can easily access everything from trending news to sports and current events without having to download multiple apps.

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8. It provides you with your daily dose of content that not only keeps you informed but also keeps you entertained.

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9. It makes e-commerce an easier experience as it houses everything from clothes to accessories under one roof.

10. We know that your children tend to grab your phones now and then, which is why Glance has the unique feature to enable a child-lock facility that does not let anyone use the screen without your permission and approval. That’s a huge win for us at Glance.

Here’s how to do it, though, if you want to disable Glance lock screen on MI phone.

The settings on your phone are the quickest and most straightforward place to disable Glance lock screen.

Scroll down in the Settings app to the Lock Screen section, and then tap on it.

To disable it on your Android device, you can turn off its specific toggle.