How To Hit The Griddy In Fifa 23!

The Griddy is a new feature in FIFA 23 that allows you to celebrate a goal in a manner that is not quite stylish but still celebratory. Suppose the player you’re controlling doesn’t use the Griddy as his signature celebration. In that case, you’ll need to input the correct button combination to pull off a festival or “signature celebration” in FIFA 23.

If you are as out of the loop as I am (hi! ), we’ll explain the Griddy and then tell you how to do it below.

What Exactly is a Griddy?

In the Griddy, a sports dance and celebration, one “skips” forward on one’s heels while simultaneously swinging one’s arms back and forth and bringing one’s fingers up to one’s eyes to create a glasses-like shape.¬†Allen Davis, whose nickname is ‘Griddy,’ was the original creator of the Griddy dance, which is now more commonly associated with all sports players, Fortnite, and TikTok videos.

Davis created the dance and posted it on YouTube when he was a high school American football player. The dance quickly spread throughout the NFL after Davis showed it to his friend and future Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who then showed it to fellow wide receiver Justin Jefferson, and so on. Griddy was made famous after NFL players Chase and Jefferson performed it.

How to Celebrate the Griddy in FIFA 23

The Griddy celebration in FIFA 23 on PlayStation consoles is performed by holding R2 and then flicking the right thumbstick up twice after a goal is scored.

If you’re an Xbox player, you can do the Griddy dance by holding down RT and flicking the right thumbstick up twice. Instead of pressing the on-screen buttons for a celebration or signature celebration, you should use the inputs above to learn the Griddy.

In FIFA 23, I hope you enjoy using the Griddy.