How to Download Dark and Darker?

Ironmace Games' Dark & Darker is a challenging dungeon crawler. It's a chance to put your talents to the test in a series of increasingly difficult dungeons. Even though there isn't a set release date, Ironmace Games has made public demos and playtests available to the public. Because of this, you might be wondering where to find Dark & Darker for download.

Dark and Darker is currently unavailable on Steam due to ongoing legal issues between the developers and publishers. You can find the beta on the official Dark and Darker Discord, which I've provided a link to below.

How to download the Dark and Darker Playtest?

As sanctioned by the Ironmace Games The Dark and Darker playtest is available through a torrent on Twitter. The official torrent is hosted on their Discord server. You should only get files from the official source to avoid getting a virus or the wrong file.

How to play the Dark and Darker Playtest on Steam

You'll need a Steam account to access the Dark & Darker demo/playtest. When the developers make the demo/playtest available for download, you can get it. Follow these steps to get the Dark and Darker preview.

  • Sign into your Steam account.
  • Search for Dark and Darker.
  • Click the Download Demo button.
  • Install the demo.
  • Launch Dark and Darker

On what devices can I get Dark and Darker?

If you want to play Dark & Darker, here is the only place you can get the PC version. You'll need Steam in order to access the download and play Dark & Darker. You can't get Dark and Darker off Steam.

How to Download Dark and Darker
How to Download Dark and Darker

When can I try out Dark and Darker?

The full version of Dark and Darker has not yet been released, however, Ironmace Games occasionally offers playtests and demos that can be downloaded and played. The release window for Dark and Darker was set for April 14, 2023, all the way through April 19, 2023. Unfortunately, it appears that you won't be able to buy it on Steam.

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